Looking for a  Jumpstart to your weight loss? 

Are you ready to lose weight eating the foods you love? I will teach you to break the perfectionism thinking you have about how you should diet

I have lost over 75 pounds eating chocolate every single day.


I teach my No Gain Weight Loss Solution. I have years of experience in the yo-yo dieting cycle of losing weight to only gain it back - plus more. 

This solution is simple. You eat the foods you love, using your body the way it was meant to be used. My solution addresses your mindset about your food. I teach simple tools using  1:1 mindset coaching offering support and accountability. I’ll also  call you on the bullshit that has been holding you back from the results you want in your weight loss journey.

 Let me ask you how  this many times have you quit your diet because you were trying to do it perfect? 

Let me teach you how constancy wins over perfectionism thinking. 

Let me help you put the perfectionistic thinking to bed. You will break  the " I Have"  to eat these foods in order to lose the weight.

 Listen up stop restricting yourself and taking away all the foods you love. 

Have you ever ate off plan you just quit altogether just starting again the next day?

How many times have you ate like a asshole then just binged the rest of the day? 

 That cycle is keeping you from  reaching your weight loss goals.  

I will teach you what the real reason is that you have not lost the weight and kept it off.

I will help you discover how you currently think about food and how it can work for you and not against you. 

In this way you will learn to love yourself, building a better relationship with your own body image. 

I will teach you how to lose the weight in a way you will love and enjoy the rest of your life.

This solution is simple. There are no diet rules! no good or bad foods. 

Are you ready to decide to stop wishing you could lose the weight, make the decision now is your time so let's get started. 

Unf~*k your Diet: 3 tools to lose weight & keep it off

"I've been coaching with Kelly for about 12 months, the past 6 months specifically as my weight-loss coach and always look forward to our sessions.


She is warm, knowledgeable and a great listener. But probably what I appreciate the most is that she's not afraid to call me out on my BS - in a kind and respectful way of course!


She has been there and done that (many, many times) as far as weight-loss goes and this knowledge and experience really makes relating to her with my own weight-loss journey really easy.


Due to some health challenges my progress has been slow, but Kelly has taught me some really practical and easy strategies to lose weight and also maintain the loss during times when my health takes a dive and I've needed to temporarily shift my focus and energy from weight loss to health recovery.


I really appreciate her patience and know that with her guidance I will be able to continue on this journey and reach my weight-loss goal."