About me 

I little bit about me...Kelly  

 I'm a fun loving woman in my 50's who has two amazing sons. I am in my new chapter of living my best life.  I have been married to Honey (Eric), for 27 years.  I love being outdoors hiking and walking but for years I just could not do it comfortably. 

I have been down all the typical weight loss roads. I have tripped a few times in my life and just fell flat on my face ending up in a ditch. I have done it with passion. In the past I've done all the FAD diets you can think of including 1,000 times of "I will start this new diet Monday."  I have finally discovered what truly works! I will teach you! I will show you simple ways to hit consistency not having to eat "perfect"  and you still get it done! 

Now my mission is to teach other women get the same results in their lives. When I hit 215 pounds I knew I was ready to change my lifestyle forever.  I have spent over a year now in my goal weight window.  I truly am a example of what is possible. Let me show you how to set goals with your heart, stick to them with courage and belief; learning to love yourself through the process. I can show you how to build confidence, love and communication during and in your weight-loss journey. I help you build the relationships you want with yourself and others in your life. 

To many times my relationship with myself well was..... pretty terrible, I mean I was the president of self-haters club! I know now that how every thought I had about myself was just making me go back to the cabinets. I missed many pictures with my kids when they were little because of the shame I felt about my body.

I want to teach other women like you who still work full-time, empty nesters, women with families, have their own self haters clubs and who still want to have all the excuses in the world WHY they can't reach their goals. 

Lets change your path. Let's blow your own damn mind with results! Let's go!

It doesn't matter what's written in your story so far it's how you fill up the rest of the pages that counts 

"Kelly is wonderful!  

She is so caring and insightful. 

 She really listens and makes you think when she gives her feedback. 

 I have a hard shell to crack and she got through to me!  

You won’t regret your time with her.  I wish I could carry her around with me all the time."                    

"Kelly is an amazing Coach! 

She is a great listener & takes time to let you work through your thoughts. She helped me identify problem thoughts & how to switch them to support my goals. 

This work has really helped make weight loss feel EASY! I didn’t believe I could meet my goals but Kelly helped me work through that & helped me believe in myself! 

I finally feel worthy & know I can conquer any goal I set in the future. It’s such a great feeling! Kelly’s passion for helping her clients shines through her work. 

It’s abundantly clear she deeply cares for her clients & truly wants them to succeed. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with her. "

“Kelly will uncover your thoughts and negative self-talk.

 She'll guide you to your results in no time!

 Managing your mind will absolutely be your biggest tool on your weight loss journey.”