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 6 steps on how to create Abundant Growth Mindset to help you achieve your goals! 

Sept 21-23

This matters! Now I have covered with you before how much coming from a scarcity mindset really keeps in you caged when working towards your goals. Now today I want to share with you six steps on how you can create the abundant growth mindset that will help you keep moving forward. 

When we have an abundant, growth mindset, We believe in what is possible for ourselves and our lives get bigger. It turns dreams into goals, then goals into reality. 

If you want to step more into this mindset I will be sharing a quick Lesson just click the link below to download it! 

If you want to talk about how I support you in growing your mindset to help you reach your goals please just email me @ kellymitchuson@gmail.com or DM on my Facebook page we can set a time to chat! Or go to the work with me page to find out more on how a Life Coach can help you uplevel your results in your goals!

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The Art of Over-Giving Without Losing Yourself

Sept 14-23

You're likely someone like me who places a high priority on giving to others, which is truly commendable. Being the “Yes” person more often than you actually realize.

However, there comes a point when the act of giving can become a double-edged sword. It's a beautiful gesture until it starts taking more from you than you can afford to give — not just your time, but also your well-being.

This kind of selfless giving can leave you feeling fractured, drained,  pissed from them asking you to do it and utterly exhausted. It might even threaten your own sense of identity and happiness while negatively impacting your most cherished relationships.

This is something that has recently come to my own attention that I have fallen into more of the over-givers syndrome and not keeping my own boundaries intact.


Recently my husband has asked for a few (favors) with things that help him out at work. But I noticed my thoughts when I kept doing them and how I was getting mad at him and then getting mad at myself for not getting the things I needed done for myself. 

I clearly set a boundary to “Not work” on the holiday. To just take a day to hit the pool with a friend and just relax. But THEN it happened again. 

He asked me to “help out” that day, now I am all about supporting my spouse and children in all the ways. But when this adversely starts to affect my thoughts about him, and what he should do and not asking of me. I realized this was nothing about him, It turned out it was me! I am the one that keeps crossing my own boundaries with myself. Putting myself on the back burner. 

This is where I  had to slow down and evaluate the true cost of my own over-giving, and if that cost is deemed "too much," it's high time to take some proactive steps.

Unpacking the Consequences of Excessive Generosity

Throughout our lives, we've been ingrained with the notion that our happiness is intrinsically tied to making others happy. We've been told that giving will fill us with purpose, tranquility, and eventually liberate us from our burdens.

However, if you find yourself reading this, chances are that the act of giving isn't delivering the satisfaction it once did. Instead, you might be feeling ensnared, drained, and perpetually on edge.

This is where setting boundaries can help. This incident gave me insight of what are my actual boundaries I want with myself and what the consequences that happen when I ignore them. Ignoring my boundaries is not taking the best care of my needs. My needs count just as much as others do. 

So I have reassessed my boundary- I can choose to say yes but I also get to make some things for myself non- negotiable appts. that I don’t want to cancel so long as they align. If I choose to cross my boundary I know that I will know my consequences of not completing my task.   

Now one of the tools I used to help me put it out on paper I want to share with you today. 

You can download that worksheet by clicking On the button at the top of this page. 

So are you breaking your own boundaries with yourself to over-give to others? 

Have you set things on your list that you want to complete but keep putting others first? 

Talk to you soon, 

Much love


Do you worry a lot? Or feel confused that you can’t figure things out? Or maybe there are days you get extremely overwhelmed? 


Do you worry a lot? Or feel confused that you can’t figure things out? 

Or maybe there are days you get extremely overwhelmed? 

Well this happened to me yesterday, well not all three but the worry did! And boy did it. 

At the end of the day I realized I have not written this blog, and it hit me like a smack in the face. I have noticed that everything took priority before this. Why does this matter? Well ever since I started my Coaching business I set a target or goal that once a week I would offer content to women that could help them move forward in their goals. This would be a weekly email and blog. That meant once a week on schedule send the email, post a blog  on Thursday. That was the day that fit my schedule the best. 

Now recently things have changed, coming close to my client max. It has been a little more challenging to get it done- hence- me dropping into judgment that I am failing myself for not doing it yesterday then WORRYING that someone would be upset that it did not do it then!

The nerve of my old shitty brain trying to make me feel bad and WORRY.  

Think for a moment, do you spend a lot of time worrying? 

Today I want to share with you about worry and how it’s just what we call an indulgent emotion. Here is one of the things they taught us in the LCC (Life Coach Certification). 

First the definition: 

An indulgent emotion is an emotion that is comfortable to you. It’s something that you dive into more than you would like to, and it doesn’t give you the result you want. You know when you're indulging in an emotion because there’s no traction, growth, or movement. 

Now I mentioned one of the most common indulgent emotions: worry. Now two others that we tend to get stuck in are :confusion and overwhelm. You will have these feelings but not be aware how they are affecting your life. 

I have a great worksheet I want to share with you to help journal out and discover how to move past and work through one of these feelings I mentioned. I did! It was a good reminder to find out what else could be true… 

In this case…. I missed the deadline that was set by me, and no-one else. I know it means nothing about me as a person. It actually helped me learn that I have a better idea of how to make it work better in my scheduling of time! 

If you would like a copy of this worksheet click to download it for free in the button below- and NO you don’t have to give me another email address, phone number or your left kidney to get it- It’s my gift to you! I want to help you identify how feelings drive our thoughts and actions each and every day. 

You have the power to think something different. 

Let’s talk soon! 


How I unlocked success, Just using my thinking...

Aug 31-23

Weight loss is more about thoughts than about the food.

How often our brains want to take actions and make them mean something.

Have you ever eaten a big bowl of ice cream, and you were okay when it was happening, but then the next day...

You start the day out with, "What the heck was I thinking? I am trying to lose weight. I just don't have self-control."

Then you go through a cycle of shame that you have practiced time after time.

From shame, you just drop into defeated and decide that, forget it, I will just eat what I want and just start over on Monday. This is Thursday, good grief. (SMH)

We use negative emotions to turn this into a shame show, leaving you feeling like you're the problem. Hi. I'm the problem; it's me (now a song stuck in my head).

We repeat this old broken cycle of making ourselves feel really bad is the way to make things change - WRONG. You have spent years repeating the old story, which had you yo-yoing up and down the scale. And feeling like crap about yourself.

Our thoughts do matter when it comes to weight loss. The most successful people in weight loss have not beaten themselves up while going down the scale. The successful people have changed the way they feel about themselves. This is something that I discovered three years ago. It was the missing link for me.

This difference has created my long-term success.

Changing my thinking looked like this:

🎯It was NOT the number of times I had a setback or made a mistake. 

🎯It was NOT how perfectly I stuck to my plan. 

🎯It was NOT MAKING a perfect plan.

It's how I talked to myself. 

I would succeed in small ways then would keep going each day. Even when I thought I had fallen off the proverbial "WAGON" every now and then. 

I have allowed myself permission to not think my old thoughts and look at my old story like it's just "TRUE."

I have learned this important lesson, I want you to learn it too. I want you to understand that you don't even have to do it alone.

The way we talk to ourselves makes a huge difference in how we show up each day. Feeling successful will create more successful results. Feeling shame and judgment produces nothing but misery, and misery loves company. Your brain then just finds the wrongs instead of the rights.

So today - RIGHT NOW

Try a real quick exercise - It's a tool I use each day -

What are three things I can think positive about myself today? Or What are three things I can think positive about my journey towards my goals?

Here is a quick cheat sheet (wink, wink)😉

🎯I know losing weight I have a superpower - the way I think! So I chose these thoughts today...

🧠I love myself enough to not give up because I know I will figure it out.

🧠I love myself even when I make a mistake or fall off some imaginary wagon.

🧠I love myself enough to know I am not the problem; it's just the way my old brain wants to think to keep me safe.

🧠I love myself enough to look for my progress instead of my perfection.

Go ahead, just try one of these on. Repeat it daily for a week. You will be shocked how just your thoughts can create change.

Talk to you soon! 


Looking to elevate your breakfast? Here is my easy hack using just 4 ingredients! 

Aug 24-23

Easiest breakfast hack around

Funny as I think about it. This sometimes ain’t breakfast! Sometimes it’s dessert.

Today I want to share with you the best most filling breakfast hack I use. Now I have eaten these shakes for over a year- and also while I was coming down the scale. There are variations that I will share with you but this is my favorite. 

Now I never meant to be a recipe coach 😂 but I do get alot of questions of what I use for my ingredients. You know we all think that they have to be “Perfect” or have the right “healthy” foods in them to lose weight. Well bullshit! It’s time to bust a myth and unf~*k your diet thinking. 

As you know I do not count “Calories” . That is the old diet past that I left behind three years ago. So don’t ask how many calories! Those don’t matter- what matters if you're eating before you're hungry! 

 Not going to say it was just easy peasy- it took some thought work but here I stand today telling you that the thought work around my food was worth it. Being willing to be in a little discomfort can move you mountains towards your goals. 

So let’s get right to it. 

Would you like a breakfast that tastes amazing? 

One that satisfies your hunger for at least three hours? 

A breakfast that can help you get high protein and get some fruits in your food lifestyle? 

Something that is super simple to make without a ton of ingredients? 

Something that could help you uplevel and leave high sugary ice cream behind? 

Well here it is- 

Ingredients as follows: 

 1/3 cup Any choice of Vanilla yogurt- if you want greek then use it! I prefer Kroger carbmaster because I do enjoy the taste  

½ frozen banana to start with- just throw it on top on yogurt

One heaping scoop of Vital Proteins Chocolate flavor- Recommended is two but one BIG one is all I have ever used. 

1/8cup of milk- strength of mine is 2% but skim works just the same- liquid is needed to get this going. If you are a diehard silk user- go for it. 

Throw on the ninja and blend until it gets mixed or a little runny, Then add another banana- frozen pcs of course and mix until you hear the big chunks are gone. You can add more if you want to fill the entire cup- For me I have found that ½ to ¾ full is all I want. 

Now You see how thick it comes out. Somedays I just chuck it in the freezer then eat it when I get hungry, which sometimes is 11:00 am. Then it's quite thicker but you can enjoy the more set ice cream phase of it. I love mine just like soft serve ice cream! It tastes amazing. 

Now if you want a variation to this you can get some frozen fruit of choice to replace the bananas and there is unflavored protein powder by the same company. Which you can find all on Amazon. I purchased mine from Sam's Club - way cheaper. 

I have even used different base flavors of yogurt and added a tbsp of peanut butter. It’s really up to you. These shakes have been my go to for a very long time. Also when I was working on cutting back on my ice cream I just used these in place to have a better/best version for myself. 

Look at your upleveling this way- What am I giving myself instead of taking away- For me I was giving myself more protein and fruits in an easy way- that tastes amazing! Win, Win. 

Try it out! I promise it really tastes amazing and it holds me 3-4 hours! 

Talk to you soon!


Take a F-in break already! You need to hear this. 

Aug 17-23

Look I get it, we have a ton of things WE WANT to accomplish. So do I. I am normal just like you.

So, these past two weeks have been a whirlwind as I navigated the bustling streets of DC to catch up with my son. You might've glimpsed some snapshots of our adventures on social media. But here's the real deal: my mind quickly swerved into Judgmentville—totally normal, right? It spiraled back to past experiences, replaying those last-time stories like a broken record.

But you know what hit me during my morning walk today? Messages. Messages I think both you and I need to hear. Currently, I'm engrossed in Emily Nagoski's "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle." Stay tuned for a full review in my next post on social.

One message rang loud and clear: those pesky thoughts about "How dare we" take a break, rest, or indulge in some self-care. Those old, nasty thoughts turn it into a pity party where we're the guest of honor, beaten up by our own minds. We convince ourselves that we must give and give, all the while depriving ourselves. Sound familiar? I used to believe that tending to my well-being was nothing short of selfish.

I get it, those thoughts are still prowling around. But here's the deal: your family deserves the best of you. If you follow the path of perpetual giving (hey, I've been there too), you'll eventually run on empty. Believe me, my family deserves the best version of me. So, this visit was different. I made choices—choices that put my rest front and center. Rest took precedence over the number of miles we hiked this time.

I embraced the notion that I needed this rest. It meant less time socializing, fewer hours at work, and less of the whole-house cleaning marathon. And guess what? Opting for rest has actually boosted my productivity in the things that truly light me up. This could work wonders for you too. The book's wisdom struck me like a light bulb illuminating my mind.

Take this morning, for instance. My brain was in a spin—totally out of control. And guess what? It's the last day of my visit, and the grand thought "I have so much to do" came crashing in. But you know what helped me regain focus? The lessons from the book. Rest! Putting myself first! So, this morning, I decided: it's not about laziness; it's about putting myself first. And you know what else? Taking care of others (yeah, the ones we adore) sometimes makes us want to lock them in a room, just for a minute.

Truth is, we're better versions of ourselves when we occasionally hit pause, grab some rest, and grant ourselves permission to not have to do everything. So, my friend, find some time this weekend.

Two things I want you to remember, especially when it feels like an uphill battle:

And always keep this in mind: if you don't make time to rest, your body will surely make you.

Watch for the full book review in tomorrow's social post on the Facebook page. 

Much Love, 


Picture of our rest day- in the Shenandoah national park- our drive not hike day!

The inner critic, is she running the show? 

It's all too common to spend too much time dwelling on what we "should have" done, constantly criticizing ourselves. 

My mind this morning was inclined to unleash a barrage of self-judgment. I was drowning in "Shoulds," thinking about getting movement, running, walking or doing my yoga instead of sitting around so much. These thoughts were on a loop in my head. I am currently visiting with my youngest son. I have noticed when I get here it feels like I throw all my progress and routines out the damn window on the drive down. 

But I made a conscious choice to silence that inner critic(aka Bitch). I told my nagging inner voice to just shut up. These "Shoulds" were only causing me unnecessary disappointment, leaving me feeling like... well, you know, crap. 

In that moment, as the words "SHUT UP" escaped my lips, a new THOUGHT  perspective emerged: "Let's celebrate the wins." I have gotten in three walks in and I completed a lift today and also done 2o mins of yoga, and then it hit me—I have done better than I planned to do already today and the week is not over. 

Win number one: I'd got up early and walked three mornings this week! I had done my yoga the first time today in the last 4 days, and gotten a lift in. 

Then it struck me that no matter what I haven't done I know I have enjoyed myself visiting and actually gotten movement each day- I get the choose what counts in my wins. 

 Win number two: I'd consistently trained every single week this year alone—maybe not perfectly, but consistently, and that's a massive victory. Also realized the lie my brain was trying to make true about being in DC. That ever time I have came I always get movement in as a priority. I always plan my food. I always do the things I know that are important to me. 

In the past, I would have given up and said screw this- and beat myself up from all the things my brain notices that I have not been doing. Thinking its such a problem when I come here. And that is not true- That is just a old thought. My brain was trying to make it true. 

With focusing on creating new thoughts has helped me realize there are facts, I can look at what the facts are and change my thinking.  This is self coaching, I've transformed the way I show up for myself in so many ways each day.

Today was a prime example of seizing the moment and shifting my mindset. I hope you can relate to these moments, and I'd love to hear about your experiences too. I want to remind you we get to choose everyday. Our thoughts and our actions. 

It's time to stop the "Shoulds" and check in with what we "Could" do today to keep moving forward. 

As I always ask my clients- What is one thing you can do today to win the rest of your day? 

For me was to share this with you in hopes you understand these old thoughts we have are just normal. We get the choice on how we let them affect our days! We can drop the should attitude and adopt the could attitude every day. One way that helps me is to go back and check my facts! Not letting the inner critic run the show. 

Talk to you again soon! 

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

*Picture is with newest grand-dog Scout. 

This helps motivate me on days like today that I just ain't feeling it. 

Jul 3-23

Today I want to be real with you—I woke up feeling totally unmotivated. It's like my brain came up with a laundry list of excuses to avoid doing anything productive. But you know what? I've decided it's time to stop letting these lame excuses take control. It's time to dig deep and figure out what's really going on.

You know that feeling when you gotta force yourself to get stuff done? It's like dealing with that awful boss from the past—ugh, not fun! And trying to push through it with sheer willpower? Trust me, it's a recipe for burnout.

So, I've realized something important—I can't just slap a Band-Aid on this problem. I need to get to the root of it all. It's time to face my old habits and kick them to the curb. Simply trying to do something new won't cut it.

Today, I noticed how easily those old negative thoughts come creeping in, especially on busy workdays like Thursdays. It's like my brain is on autopilot, coming up with excuses left and right. And let me tell you, figuring out what to eat today was a struggle too—shaking my head at myself.

But hey, I'm not giving up! I've got a plan. I'm gonna slow things down, have a real talk with myself, and understand why these habits keep popping up. It's like my brain is stuck in the same old rut, and it's time to pave a new path.

So, here's the deal—I'm gonna jot down some thoughts on sticky notes about how far I have came in the last two years, what my goals that I know I want to accomplish just for the next couple days. I will write down small easy things I know I can knock out quick. 

Then  I'm sticking them all over the place—bathroom mirrors, the fridge, my desk—everywhere! It's like a daily reminder talk to myself. And you know what? It works! Well, for about a week, at least. Then I switch it up because my brain starts to tune them out. Giving my brain new direction for the next week. 

I'm not stopping there! I'm mixing things up with my workout routine too. Trying something different, breaking the monotony. And those old triggers that set me off? Yeah, they gotta go. No more easy excuses for me!

You know what helps me break through excuses like a champ? My love for shiny new things! It's like the excitement of buying something new, right? Well, why not use that same energy to bust my own excuses? Sounds pretty clever, right?

So, here's my game plan—I'm making a deal with myself. No more giving in to those old excuses. I'm in control, and I'm setting clear intentions for what I want to achieve. And I'll keep checking in with myself

-did I do it? 

-Was it easy or hard? 

-What can I do next time to make it easier?

Today, I'm starting by focusing on getting some movement in. And guess what? I'm using all these tricks I just shared with you. Changing up my routine, facing those excuses head-on, and reminding myself that I can do this!

So, my friend, it's time to kick those excuses to the curb and show up for ourselves. Let's break free from that old mindset and move forward with pride. We've got this!

Much love, 


Unveiling the Not-So-Secret Secrets to My Weight Loss Success 

Jul 27-23

Today, I want to open up about something that I'm frequently asked about: my own weight loss journey and how I've managed to keep those pounds off. I'm excited to share the three not-so-secret things that made a genuine difference for me. You might have come across these ideas before, but let me tell you, sometimes our brains need a little repetition to truly hear them.

Are you ready to take charge of your weight loss journey and embrace a sustainable approach that leaves behind the drama of crash diets? Let's dive in!

Losing weight goes way beyond relying on fancy meal plans or trying out the latest Pinterest recipes. While these can be helpful, the real transformation begins in your mind. Yes, it's all about that connection between your thoughts and the actions that follow.

Imagine this scenario: you have a meticulously crafted meal plan, but there's that tempting box of donuts at work on a particularly rough day. Your success depends on your ability to say "no" to that enticing treat. That's where the power of your mindset comes into play.

I've been there too, hoping for some magical solution to appear and melt away the extra weight. But the truth hit me hard—I needed to roll up my sleeves and embrace the small, daily habits that build the foundation of sustainable change. These might not be as glamorous or provide instant results, but they are the stepping stones that lead to lasting success.

It's time to stop hiding from ourselves and acknowledge those moments when we sneak in unnecessary bites or skip our well-intentioned plans for the day. Let's be real—many of us indulge in self-deceptive excuses that lead us to overeat or avoid doing what we know works.

To move forward, we must confront these patterns head-on. We need to admit to ourselves the things we're doing that aren't propelling us towards our goals. Yes, there will be setbacks, but the key lies in learning from them and bouncing back stronger than before.

Weight loss might seem like a solitary journey, but having the right support can make all the difference. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who truly understand your struggles and aspirations is a powerful asset on this path.

Currently, I'm fortunate to work with an incredible group of women who share the same commitment to their weight loss goals. We have formed a tight-knit bond that goes beyond merely agreeing with each other's challenges. Instead, we actively motivate and support one another, helping each other rise above excuses and make tangible progress.

In the face of life's curveballs, we remain fierce, determined, and ready to tackle any obstacles while still smashing our weight loss goals.

Embrace Clarity, Ditch the Secrets

There you have it—the three not-so-secret secrets to sustainable weight loss. The truth is, it's not about finding elusive shortcuts or complex formulas. It's about changing your mindset, being honest with yourself, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community.

Let's break free from the noise and embrace the clarity of our journey. Weight loss isn't a mystery; it's a well-defined path, waiting for us to take those first steps.

Are you ready to unlock the real secrets to your weight loss success? I'd love to hear from you! reach out to me directly. Together, let's find your path to success, just as I did.

Until next time,


One common excuse I have used..... "I don't have time" 

Jul 20-23

Have you ever caught yourself in using one of the biggest and oldest excuse in the book for not losing weight? "I don't have time" It's time for a reality check. Let's be honest about what this excuse truly means and how we can take control and make room for our weight loss goals. 

I get it, it does seem so real and true when we say the words. These words came up for me while I was at camp last week. I have movement goals that I wanted to achieve them while I was in Nashville. I know I could have gave my self quick permission to skip my movement time while I was there. But I noticed how quick my excuse of time jumped in my mouth then slipped right over my lips. 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with our busy lives and schedules and believe how we spend our time is out of our hands. While some responsibilities are indeed non- negotiable many other aspects of our daily routine can be reevaluated. 

Let's take a closer look at what "I don't have time" that I was making that mean.

 These were the thoughts that came up for me over the weekend:

But here's the truth: My time was a reflection of my choices. When I replaced "I don't have time" with "I don't want to give my time to this right now,"

 I took back control and made more rational decisions. It meant questioning my time excuses and taking intentional action.

A valuable tool I learned from my mentor, Corinne Crabtree from No BS, is to run your excuses through three steps:

Let's be real; we all use excuses to keep ourselves stuck. But remember, that's entirely normal – you're not alone in this journey and you ain't no special snowflake. 

So, the next time you consider skipping your weight loss plan or giving in to emotional eating, remember this new perspective. Acknowledge your power to navigate your busy life while prioritizing your well-being questioning your excuses. 

You have the strength to strike a balance and make room for your weight loss journey without sacrificing the other things in your life.

Together, let's reshape our relationship with time and move closer to achieving our weight loss goals.

You have the power my friend! 

Talk to you soon, 


I'm at camp! 

Jul 14-23

Camp, retreat, mastermind?

Well for me it's intense self development time. I left early!

It doesn't even start until Friday-tomorrow. But I wanted to come and be completely emersed. I wanted to not only be rested and ready for three days of learning, but I also wanted to be able to connect with other women, who are just like me working on their weight loss. 

I think being here seeing what others are dealing with in their journeys not only helps me it will help you. I am a deep dive all in kind of person. That has something I have always been proud of. 

When I go in- I GO ALL IN.  

Today I want to talk to you about your comfort zone. And how you can use it to live like your future self. 

Do you have comfort zone issues? Do you want to achieve your goals, but you're afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle with this.

But the truth is, if you want to achieve your goals, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

 I'm going to share with you how I've used thought work to step out of my comfort zone and achieve my goals. I'm also going to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and live your life like your future self.I used to be a very shy person. I was afraid of public speaking, I was afraid of meeting new people, and I was afraid of putting myself out there. But I realized that if I wanted to achieve my goals, I had to change.

So I started working on my thoughts. I started challenging the negative thoughts that were holding me back. I started telling myself that I was capable of anything I set my mind to. And I started taking small steps outside of my comfort zone.

At first, it was hard. I was scared and uncomfortable. But I kept going. And slowly but surely, I started to see results. I started to feel more confident. I started to meet new people. And I started to achieve my goals.

I'm not saying that it's easy to step outside of your comfort zone. But it's worth it. When you step outside of your comfort zone, you grow. You learn new things. And you become a better version of yourself.

Here are some tips for stepping out of your comfort zone:

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy, but it's worth it. When you step outside of your comfort zone, you grow. You learn new things. And you become a better version of yourself.

So are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals? I challenge you to do it. You can do it.

f you're ready to start stepping outside of your comfort zone, I encourage you to reach out to me. I can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals and overcome your fears.

I hope you have a wonderful day! And I can't wait to share with you what I learn about this weekend! 

Much love let's talk soon! 


AKA pool bum for today! 

The no Bullsh*t food plan for success

Jul 6-23

Simplicity. It's all about making things easy, straightforward, and leaving behind unnecessary complications and drama. Imagine having a clear path with no confusing obstacles to navigate. That's simplicity a no bullsh*t way. It's finding the easiest and most direct way to get things done.

Now, let's apply this gold nugget to our food plans. I'll be the first to admit that I've had days where I overcomplicate my food plans, trying to be as precise as a rocket scientist. But guess what? Those days are tough, and I often end up not following my plan.

The purpose of planning our food is simple: to provide our rat brains (yes, we all have them!) with a clear path to success. When we create simple, easy-to-follow plans, it not only helps us stay committed to ourselves but also builds trust with our food choices and ourselves. Helping us build more confidence in ourselves and our journeys to our goals. 

But here's the thing—I've noticed that many of my clients beat themselves up when they don't stick to their plans. Life can sometimes throw us off track. We might prepare a fantastic lunch but forget it at home. In those moments, we need to pivot like a motherf-er.

There are also times when we have no idea what the day will bring. Take me, for example. Next week, I'll be away from the office on a 5-day trip. Now, I could let my brain go into a frenzy, thinking about the uncertainties of my meals. But wait, is that really a problem? Let me show you how I'll handle the unknown and still lose weight.

Instead of overwhelming myself with thoughts and worries, I focus on simple plans. Let me give you an example of my first day's plan.

Plan for the day:

You see, GBB is my go-to. Let's say I'm driving and need breakfast. I usually stop at McDonald's or Hardee's. I order the same thing each time—Mcmuffin without cheese or Hardee's regular biscuit. But here's the catch—I don't eat until I'm truly hungry, which is usually around 11 AM. By then, breakfast hours are over, so no big deal. I have my snack, eating only half the package of crackers to hold me over until lunch.

The important thing to grasp here is the GBB approach. If you have a day where you're unsure about your plans, use GBB to guide you. There's no "Plan Police" waiting to arrest you for not having everything perfectly mapped out.

Remember, the most crucial aspect is not eating until you're genuinely hungry and not getting caught up in the pursuit of the perfect plan. Losing weight is not about being perfect; it's about taking action. It starts with simple, easy plans.

So, embrace simplicity and let it guide you to success in your food planning journey. Keep it simple, my friends!

I would love to help you make a simple plan, help you figure out what will work best for your busy life! Let's chat! 

Talk to you soon! 


P.S. if you are wanting to know more about the half time pause/pattern interrupt it's in last weeks blog below! 

Another pound bit the dust! 

Jun 29-23

I wanted to share this week’s level up to my journey. I am beyond excited to see the # move on my scale again. Just adding to the excitement from last week.

This morning after weighting in I messaged my accountability partners and my coach with this statement:

Please note: to help me 

Bitch slap me first, then remind me 

Half time method, pattern interrupt with pause works for me….

Slows my brain and my hand down.

Now I know I am a little brash but hey it’s me, sometimes I need and deserve a little kick in my hind tail.

In the last 5 weeks I have been experiencing a stall. Which is normal in weight loss. Just diddling with the same pound. 

Sometimes I forget the little things that really work, which is normal. We get comfortable and the old habit brain comes back on line. You know he has been around for all the years we have been trying to lose weight.

With a big event coming up in 14 days I had set a goal. I decided to go back into my data, look at my habits and create a plan to get results I want. That took looking at the tools I have used before and putting them to the forefront for my brain.

So this week I put “intentions” and “priorities” first. Now we all have busy lives, I get that. But we all got to eat to survive too- right?

Let me get right to it.

Half time pause- Pattern interrupt is what I call it. Here are the steps.

 1st Basics- Foundational tools in place-

Now stopping at enough is something that is a challenge for all of us- this Pattern interrupt is a game changer for me-

This week has really opened my eyes- only once did I get hungry between meals-that day I chose to eat a banana- now it was off plan but I did the same process- ate half- checked in and guess what- that was the little bit my body needed to hold it to dinner. BOOM.

This is a simple version of my process, there is conversation to be had about the in depth details but this gives you solid understanding on the basics.

It has not only helped me move the scale this week down another pound, it has helped me feel better-gaining more momentum. I had not realized I was hitting the spot of eating enough to eating a few bites too much.

Let’s have a conversation on how this can move the scale numbers for you!.

Let's talk soon!

Much love, Kelly

How three little words helped me lose 1 lb. this week! 


I wanted to share a new level up I discovered this week.

I know a lot of times I join you when saying, "Some days I just don't hear my thoughts" and "Sometimes I overeat because I don't hear a thought that stops me."

Well, like a slap in the face, I heard one that really made a difference for me. It really came down to three little words: "It's a choice."

On Monday, I had planned to fix a simple meal (those are my favorites) of pan-cooked fresh corn, stewed potatoes, and my amazing cornbread (at least that's my honey's opinion).

As usual, I put the food on my plate and began eating. Taking my usual half-time pause, I noticed I did feel some over hunger coming up. I kept eating and was getting close to the last of it. Not missing a beat, I was up wanting to get more. Then I heard the three words, not loud, but present: "It's a choice." OMG! YES!

Now, you may be thinking, "What the flip?" Well, let me explain.

In recent weeks, I have added a new sentence and paragraph to my thought life. It goes like this:

Everything in life comes down to choices.

I can turn right or left at the stop sign. I can get up early or sleep in. I can wear this outfit or that outfit. I can eat this much food or leave some food behind.

But making choices can come with consequences.

Choices in the moment can make a difference. They have our whole life. From a choice, things happen, or don't happen.

With me working on my current journey to a new weight goal, my choices matter when it comes to eating past my enough. I know the extra bites, or having dessert every night, comes with the consequence that if I eat like that, it can delay my progress in my weight loss.

Making choices is essential for me. When I heard the thought, it literally stopped me in my tracks. It created the moment for me to ask, "Is this choice worth the number on my scale?" I know how great it tastes, but I also know I can eat it when I want it.

Now, I did serve myself a little more, then I realized the impact, thinking again about the three words, "It's a choice." I took one more bite and there it was. I knew the choice to eat more was not coming from hunger; it was coming from "it tastes so good."

I walked over and dumped it in the trash!

These little moments are worth celebrating the f*ck out of! Since Monday, I have repeated this sentence several times, helping me create results—yes, results! I noticed eating a little less has already created a 1-pound loss. I also have not felt the "full" feeling of overeating at my meals.

I hope this helps you this week to investigate your meals, looking for the choices when it comes to food, getting movement, or practicing any of your foundational tools that help you each day with your weight loss.

Remember, in those days when it doesn't feel like you can't get a walk in, you can repeat the words I shared:

"It's a choice."

You can stop and ask, "Is this choice worth putting off my goals this week when it comes to my weight loss?"

Let's talk soon!

Much love, Kelly

The difference between "can't" or " won't "could be the key to your weight loss success.

Jun 15-23 

Let me be real with you... I too have days when I don't do the things I say I am going to do, which moves me towards my goals in weight loss. I am a human who makes mistakes, and I have mornings when I am in a bad mood.

It really comes down to the small decisions I make each and every day. I want to share this with you today because of a conversation I had with a client. She said to me, "But YOU are doing all the things, I can't seem to figure my sh*t out."

I immediately had to laugh and correct her "Thoughts" about me and my journey with my weight loss. Every day when I get up, it could be a crap shoot on what the day could look like. One of the most important things I have to address is the "can't" vs. "won't" decisions with my internal self.

The problem with "can't" decisions is that they are often based on excuses. When you tell yourself that you can't do something, you are giving up before you even try. This can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you actually do end up failing.

The "won't" decisions are a bit more tricky. On the one hand, it's important to be honest with yourself about what you are willing to do. If you're not willing to give up some your favorite foods or do the things you know that will work, then you're not going to be successful at losing weight.

On the other hand, it's also important to challenge yourself. Just because you don't want to do something doesn't mean you can't. If you're willing to put in the effort, you might be surprised at what you can achieve.

The best way to overcome our challenges is to make "won't" decisions, not "can't" decisions. Is being willing to make changes to your lifestyles, even if it doesn't feel easy.

Trying is how I got to my results. Each day I decide whether I am going to let the "won't" decisions keep me stuck.

But lastly I want to say this... There are days I choose the thought,"I don't want to do it, but what would feel good to do and help me win my day?" If I am choosing to not do the 30-minute walk, could I just do 15?

 It moves me forward, and forward motion is how I want to live my life.

Instead of just ending my days with judgment, I end it with a win. The little wins make all the difference when I wake up the next day.

If you are struggling with weight loss, I encourage you to think about the difference between "can't" and "won't" decisions. Make the "won't" decision today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!

Let's have a conversation about where these two words are showing up for you. If you don't have much time or don't like Zoom meetings, just message me or email me. We can talk by phone. I want to help you build the life and hit the goals you want. It can be with weight loss, your job, your relationships, or whatever is coming up in your life as a problem.

Talk to you soon, 

Much love, 


The Power of Starting With "What's Next?" 

Jun 8-23

The Power of Starting With "What's Next?"

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder, "What's next?" If so, you're not alone. Many people feel stuck in a rut, wondering if there's more to life than what they're currently experiencing.

I used to feel this way too. I was in a job that I didn't love, and I was starting to feel like I was just going through the motions. But then I made a decision to change my life. I decided to go all in on myself.

What did this mean?

It meant that I was going to stop making excuses and start taking action. I was going to set goals, make a plan, and find a mentor to help me along the way.

It wasn't easy. There were times when I wanted to give up. But I kept going because I knew that I was capable of more.

And here I am today, 2 1/2 years later, and my life is completely different. I've lost weight, gained confidence, and I'm finally doing work that I'm passionate about.

If you're feeling stuck, I want you to know that you can change your life. All you have to do is start by asking yourself, "What's next?"

Once you know what you want, you can start taking steps to make it happen. Don't be afraid to be uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to fail. And don't be afraid to ask for help.

The only person who can stop you is you. So don't let yourself get in your own way. Go out there and start living the life you were meant to live.

What's next for you?

Are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live? If so, I would love to offer you a free coaching call. During our call, we can discuss your goals, your challenges, and how I can help you achieve your dreams.

I only have a limited number of spots available, so don't wait! Click this link to book your call today.

I can't wait to help you start your journey to a better life!

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

Do you want to create a better future self? Here's a easy way to start. 

Jun 1-23

How much time do you spend visualizing your future self and your future life? What do you want for next month, or year?

How many minutes a day do you spend journaling about her, getting to know her? Journaling gives you time to ask her questions or figure out what mini-wins you can achieve to get her there.

One thing I want to share is how I start my day with these questions in focus. How I am taking small steps to get closer to a newer version of myself.

In my journal, I write down the most important categories in my life:

Knowing that I am working on upleveling my life in all areas, working towards my future self, I then let my brain dump all of my:

Down on paper under each category. Then I prioritize them. What's most important? What things can move me forward. 

Then I get to work on them. At the end of the day, I review how my day went. What things moved me closer to the future self I am working on?

Next, I circle the things that did not get done and decide right then if they are worth putting on tomorrow's list. Do they move me towards my goals of the newer version I am creating?

This process helps me gain confidence and clarity about what I will do, and it helps me stay motivated and focused on my goals of weight loss, building amazing connections in my relationships, and other areas of my life that are important to me.

My past only tells me how I got here today. My future tells me how I will get there to where I want to go.

I hope this helps you with a simple process to get some clarity in your journey to your new future self 

Let's talk soon!

Much Love, 


Scarcity VS Abundance mindset, How to embrace the better for growth and success in your life. 

May 25-23

I wanted to share something exciting that happened to me over the weekend – a major shift in my mindset about positive changes in life. It's been an eye-opener, and I thought it might resonate with you too.

Let me start by giving you a quick rundown of these mindsets. So, a scarcity mindset is when you constantly feel like there's never enough – whether it's time, money, connection, or even food. It's like this belief that you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of not enough. And guess what? This kind of thinking can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.

But here's the good part: I've experienced a total shift to an abundance mindset in my life. This mindset is where you truly believe that there's an abundance of resources available to you in terms of time, money, connection, and food. It's about being grateful for whatever the universe provides. And let me tell you, this shift has made all the difference.

Let me share a personal story related to my weight loss journey. I had this burning desire to shop at Buckle, a store I've always admired. But my scarcity mindset kept bombarding me with negative thoughts like, "Only skinny 25-year-old girls shop there," "Women my age aren't supposed to shop there," and "I can't rock those cute clothes because I'm not the 'right' size."

I realized that these thoughts were directly linked to my scarcity mindset. They were limiting my options and playing with my confidence. On top of that, my worries about money came into play too. I mean, who wants to invest in clothes they fear they might outgrow? Certainly not me!

That's when I decided to kick scarcity to the curb and embrace abundance. I started telling myself, "Hey, there's no age limit at the door – everyone, including me, is welcome at Buckle!" And when it came to sizes, I shifted my mindset to believe that they have a wide range of options, including ones that will fit me perfectly. As for money, I reminded myself that I'm worthy of the price on the tag. I've worked hard on my weight loss journey, and I had planned my budget ahead of time, so why hold back?

Let me tell you, stepping into that store with an abundance mindset was liberating! I felt empowered, confident, and free to try on whatever I wanted.

Scarcity can creep into different aspects of our lives, even when it comes to time. Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "I have so much to do, but not enough time"? It's crazy how that thought alone can send you down a spiral of frustration, powerlessness, anxiety, and fear, even before your day begins. But here's a challenge for you – start recognizing where scarcity shows up in your life, and then flip the script to abundance.

If you're interested in exploring how these mindset shifts can impact your weight loss journey, I'd love to have a chat. Trust me, embracing an abundance mindset can work wonders and help you reach your next weight loss milestone.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Much love, 


Unlocking the power to personal protocols: How to have your own back! 

May 18-23

I want to share something simple with you, a protocol that can help you get through challenging days and events that arise in your life. 

Sometimes, we underestimate the importance of having a plan, but trust me, it can make a world of difference in how we handle tough situations.

Yesterday, I shared my own protocol for a day when I knew I was going to receive a challenging call, regardless of the outcome. Whether it was a yes or a no, I knew there were going to be things I had to face. 

But the one thing that mattered most to me was taking care of myself. Instead of turning to mindless eating or grabbing junk food to munch on while lost in thought, I wanted to prioritize my own self care.

No matter what's going on, I believe in my weight goals they are always important, especially when life gets rough. I don't want to give up on them when I need them the most. 

So, I want to give you some simple steps to help you build your own protocol for the upcoming tough days. You can have protocols for different situations, like having a family member in the hospital, dealing with your period, taking a sick day, feeling exhausted, eating out, facing an unexpected event, or when you travel. There are no limits to how many protocols you can create.

To put together a protocol, think about these key questions:

These are just some questions to help you create a simple protocol for events in your life. If you want to see examples of my protocol from yesterday, you can go back and read my Facebook post on 5/17/23 which I attached here. 

Today, as I reflect on my own protocol, I'm bursting with pride. I anticipated a challenging day, but I rose to the occasion like a true champion. No mindless indulgence, no veering off my path, and no overindulging. I prioritized my well-being, engaged in invigorating movement, and approached work with a clear mind, feeling absolutely incredible.

My sincere desire is for you to experience this kind of triumph too!

If you're eager to unlock your full potential and construct your own resilience blueprint, simply reach out, and we'll set up a time to collaborate on creating the protocol you truly need. Let's KFG!

Much Love, Kelly

Who are you putting first today? 

May 11-23

Who is first? The world or you. 

This really hit me today. I woke up with the same typical “Shoulds” this morning. You know things like “I should write out this email”, “I should take care of the laundry”, “I should mow it’s fixing to rain” and one thing right after the other. While looking at Facebook and scrolling on my phone. 

Then I heard my inner thought, “Hey why are you putting EVERYTHING in front of taking care of you today?” 

What I mean by this is check the first paragraph I wrote: did you see, make your plan, follow up from yesterday’s plan, journal how you want your day to look, plan your movement?. None of my own personal self care was in my first thoughts!

Notice how the world and everything in it I was thinking about and nothing to do with the basic care of me. 

That’s the point I slammed on the brakes! I put my phone down and picked up my planner.

 From there I started with this simple question.

 “To take care of me today first, what would make today great?” 

Here's my list: 

Taking 5 mins doing this simple planning helped me bring MY brain and ME back into focus. 

Every single one of us is guilty of this. We have expectations of things that have to get done,  what should be done right this minute, what everyone else needs and meanwhile we fall to the bottom of the list. 

Sometimes it comes down to our “WHY’S”  need to be looked at again. Through our journey of life, and where we are they do change. My why’s that I had 6 months ago may not be why I want to take care of myself today. The excuses are getting stronger than our why's. 

When was the last time you took a look at yours? The reason you want to lose weight. The reason you want to move more. The reason you want to feel better. The reason you want to take care of yourself. 

Are they strong? 

Strong enough for the moments when you are putting everything in front of your goals? Strong enough to keep your hands out of the cabinet pursuing food? 

Strong enough in the moments you're eating snacks after dinner? 

Strong enough that you think of them first instead of what’s everyone doing on Facebook? 

If you want to deep dive into your why’s I want to help you. I have a method that helps you blow out your why’s so you can move forward and stop letting excuses get in your way. 

It takes about 20 mins to do it. Next week I have some open times where you can sign up to jump on a private call with me and we will do it together to re~center your why’s to put you in front of the world when you have days that you can’t bring yourself up on the list. 

The call will be focused, no sales pitch, no asking for you to coach with me, it will be focused on helping you take a step in the direction towards your goals. 

No matter the goal I want to help you find the WHY that will help you get there.

It’s time to stop letting excuses, and the world get in the way of the life you want to create. 

Just sign up below for the 20 chat~ Let's do it! Costs you nothing but 20 mins of time. Are you important enough for that? 

Much Love, 


So the # on the scale went up! What now..... 

May 4-23

I know I have said it before.... step on the scale and WTH has rolled right out of my mouth! It came with quick judgment of what I did wrong! 

Today I want to share 5 steps to help you work past this and get your head back into the game. 

1st thing is to drop the judgment, I know it's hard but, shame about the # going up WILL NEVER HELP YOU.  Thinking that you have to restart all over is hard and WILL NEVER HELP YOU.  

Restarts are not hard, the truth is I have done it so many times I have lost count- it's been many mini-refocuses for me. 

One of my favorite things on my confidence mirror is the saying    RESET...RESTART...REFOCUS...AS MANY TIMES AS YOU NEED TO … JUST DON'T QUIT... 

2nd step for me is to figure out why it may have happened. That's where all my data comes into play. Looking at how many times have I overeaten in the last week? Have I consumed a lot of salt?  Did I eat off Plan? Now sometimes I may not see the answer staring my in the face and that's ok. Just remember there are no beatdowns needed here. 

3rd step for me, Just simply making my refocus plan. Time to put my ass back in my guardrails. It's never about being perfect, it's getting back to taking my small steps that are do-able and sustainable. When you have that thought- this ain't gonna be good enough, well that means you're right on track! 

To help with this I remind myself the benefits of doing my basic things helps me make life easier, I feel better, and I know what results it brings.

4th thing I want you to remember is that shame thrives when it is left to just "BE". So let's change that. It's time to check in with my sidekicks! I know I am  the hero of my own story but sometimes hero's need support. I check back in with the people in my life that support me. I let them know what I am struggling with and ASK for what I need. Maybe it's just calling me on my shit... When I say I am going to do something but I don't. I also have my own Coach that I make sure she knows what support I need to get back to refocusing in my journey. 

5th and last thing. I check out my external factors that may be in my way. I take this time to look around and clean up anything in my environment that has also led to some regain. Cleaning up things that may be triggers or cues to feel bad, tempted or overwhelmed needs to go! Not forever, just until I get back into my groove.  Sometimes it's just my social feed that could be affecting me, more often that we admit it, we see how well "others" may be doing and we turn to old habits of eating when we are feeling like "We ain't doing it right". Or maybe it's moving the ice cream from the kitchen fridge to the garage fridge. Out of sight out of mind a lot of times works for me like a charm. I can always plan it but if it's not staring at me, I never even think of it anymore.  

Now there is a lot more I can dig into this subject... But I wanted to offer these quick tips to help you.  

Most importantly it all starts with one simple question to help you restart. 


Pick up your pen and write it down! Then do it..... Restarting, Reset, and Refocusing is just part of the weight loss journey. We ain't starting all over. We are picking up the momentum to KEEP F~*King Going!! 

Trust me this process works! April results of my R,R,R -4lbs. If you want to chat about getting refocused on your journey, Let's chat!

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

What is the fear of failure holding you back from? 

Apr 27-23

It's true if you fear that you're going to fail you won't even try. 

I have seen myself do this very thing.

Have you heard of the term Fear of Failure? It's a common feeling for us when we are trying to lose weight. 

So often we put such pressure on ourselves about getting results and losing weight. 

We think losing weight will make us happier or our partners will love us more if we fit into that size 6. 

Have you ever thought "I will have more confidence to do things that right now I am just too embarrassed to do."

We make losing weight  the answer to all our pain today. 

Do you realize we are taught this from social media? 

It comes from the ads that are popping in our feeds, on instagram and tik tok about "lose 20 lbs fast this month". 

Or you may see this product that says use this to "feel sexy over 40". 

They send this message that you will feel better AFTER you lose the weight.  This is giving you the fear of failing ahead of time. That you will only have this things after we lose the weight. Which is total bullshit. 

So when you 

You freak out. Your brain makes it into you are never going to get to success. That your hopes, and dreams for that perfect life if not possible. 

How do I know this? 

 I had these same "fears that I would fail" but once I learned how my brain was conditioned from external factors. I stopped and asked "What else COULD be true?" 

If I am failing means I am trying! not staying stuck in doing nothing. 

I discovered my results were still happening even when I was not doing it perfectly. I have learned that progress over perfection is helping me each day to keep moving forward. 

What is showing up for you? what are you not doing afraid you will fail at it? Is it the 5k, doing yoga, working on your weightloss or applying for a new job? 

If you want to chat on how working together, we can get you past it? Let's talk soon, stop letting this "feeling" hold you back from what you really want in life. 

Much love,


Sleep impacts your weightloss~ 10 things I did to improve mine

Apr 20-23 

We all have stories tied to our sleep habits. I had mine. It was that I could never get more than 5 hours of sleep.

That was just something I was letting happen. Like most people I was hanging on to that story with both hands and kicking and screaming that it would never change.

The truth is, things CAN change IF you want them to. You can either keep making excuses and letting your brain stay in its comfort zone or YOU can decide TO change it.

Just like working on our weight loss, if we keep doing the same thing we are going to keep getting the same results.

This week I want to share 10 things that can help set you up for better sleep quality. These are things that I have done to change my story helping me build a better routine to get my rest.

Getting enough sleep is essential to weight loss. That's when your body burns fat - when you sleep! If you want to kick start your weight loss, you have to make sleep a priority.

If you are ready to learn 10 tips, hacks and things that will help promote great rest, I have recorded a short video to cover all with you now. (or click the video above same one!)

Here is the short list of what I cover:

Seek professional help if needed: If you're struggling with persistent sleep problems, don't hesitate to seek help from a healthcare professional. They can identify any underlying sleep disorders and provide tailored recommendations for better sleep.

If you want to know about sleeping and actually talk to a sleep coach I do recommend checking out https://betsyslay.com/

She has a newsletter that digs into the more in depth about how to help you get better rest.

Let’s set you up for success in your weight loss! Sleep Matters!

Have an amazing weekend my friend!

Much Love


P.S. If you looking for something to help track your sleep cycles you can check out The Oura Ring. It will help tracking with movement also! 

You know what you should be doing but still not doing it….. 

Apr 13-23

Want to know why?

Your brain is offering up “I need for willpower” or “I need more self discipline”

I know you're working towards your weight loss goal, but sometimes it's tough to stay disciplined, right?

For me, building self-discipline is like setting up "guardrails" for myself. It's about setting realistic goals that I can actually achieve without setting myself up for failure from the start.

I used to pile on too many things I "should" be doing, and it just led to feeling judgmental and overwhelmed.

So here's how I tackled it: I got serious with myself and asked, "How can I make this easy?" For example, I wanted to incorporate more regular movement into my routine, so I set a guardrail of three times a week. 

I broke it down into simple actions I could take: 

Then I set specific days for my guardrails, like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and I make a decision each morning on which guardrail (remember this is keeping me on the path headed towards my goals)  I will follow that day. 

Even if my old habits try to make excuses, I stay committed to my guardrails and get it done, no matter what. And if I slip up, I give myself a chance to do better the next day.

If you struggle with keeping promises to yourself, it's okay to ask for support. Consider finding an accountability partner or even hiring a coach to help you level up your habit-building and reach your goals.

Just remember, building self-discipline starts with small habit changes. Take it slow, celebrate your wins, and keep progressing forward.

This really works. Once you notice how easy it is to get it done you just level up each week and getting better building your habits and discipline to get it done. 

If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to reply to this email. I'm here to support you on your journey to success.

Much Love, 


P.S. Later today I will be posting more about the "how" I have created guardrails that has helped me reach my weight loss goals, my run goals and living my best life check it out on my YouTube channel. You can go there now and hit subscribe! You will be notified as soon as it posts! 

@ my hightest weight

Me today 

I changed more that the number on the scale! 

Apr 6-23

Someday's it's hard to look back at pictures. I remember the one at my highest weight, doing my best to turn and hide part of my stomach in a way no one could see just how big I had gotten. I would try to wear clothes that would cover as much as possible. 

This trip was one of the last trips we took with our youngest son along with us. It was around 7 seven years. Now there are not many pictures of me. I was always volunteering to "take" the photos of everyone else. Even though I was smiling I was mentally hurting. Beating myself up, telling myself "you're so damn fat". And of course I was on yet another "DIET". 

What was heartbreaking for me was the lack of movement I could do. While Eric (Honey) and Kyle were wandering and climbing around the creeks. I would just stand up by the road snapping their smiles as they had so much fun. 

I have never told them how embarrassed I was about my size. Now of course being married to the most wonderful husband he never said anything about my weight. He has loved me from fat to midsize back to fat. 

Until recently in the last two years everything has changed. I do hesitate showing you pictures like this. It's a vulnerable thing. But as I grow daily I got a reminder from a client this week that this is something I should share. It has shown here that she too can have these results. 

We have been working together now for sometime. She has had amazing results in not only the # on the scale but most importantly her mental weight she has left behind. 

This week while talking to her I shared that some days I really shock myself. I was saying WTF was I thinking I just signed up for my third 5k race, and I have not even set foot @ the first one. It really opened my eyes and I took a moment to just go back and revisit my old self. 

Yeah the one in red. She would have NEVER even thought of signing up TO run. Holding on to the excuse she can't do that. Heck she would not ever try to hike, or walk even a half mile off trail with her family. Just sit in the truck and wait for them to return. She had no belief in herself that she would ever lose the weight either. She despised her own body and would not take the time to even put makeup on. 

Coming forward to today, I am taking charge of my life, making decisions in the moment to PLMF (pivot like a MotherF~*ker) in every situation. Looking for opportunities to keep upleveling my life every single day. Today was one of those days. It's normal to wake up and hear all the excuses why I could not go train. But what's different is my internal conversation that I have now. Taking the moments to check in and remember the old Kelly and how she couldn't do it and the new Kelly who can just keep f~*King going every day. 

This is one of the most important things I have worked on myself, when I started changing my life, trying things. Just getting up to go for a 15 walk, making a decision to just drink a little more water today. Creating some guidelines with myself that I don't have to stay up to 10 anymore. There is nothing on netflix worth sacrificing my rest. When I rest better I show up better for myself each day. Each day just getting a little better, doing a little more. 

It is possible for you to change your life, to have the body that allows you to do things you never thought. It's time to stop waiting, It's time to start trying. I want you to remember that you don't have to do it alone. I know the path, and I want to help you achieve it. 

Sending you love, 


You deserve it. 

Mar 30-23

In case you missed it, yeah here it is. Me at my goofest moment for the weekend. I have to laugh. I have caught myself saying lately~ once you let me out the box, I'm kinda hard to put me back in. 

Who wants to be in a box, to be contained, controlled. No one ever! I want to be fun and live a fun life. This is something you can create. 

Today I want to share with you my experience from last weekend and what it meant to me. Now I had a complete email, blog written out and I decided that this is more important. 

Everyone needs to reset, take a look at your goal, why you want, what is standing in your way. Creating simple ways to get there. Make mistakes, create ways around obstacles. Then doing the work that makes you proud, feel amazing and get what you want. 

No matter where you are in your journey, you are where someone else wishes they could be. Accept your present and just make the decision I am moving forward.  It's time to stop waiting and wishing you could finally achieve your goals. No matter if it's weight loss, getting a new job, or building a better relationship with yourself. 

If you keep waiting, and spinning on the how, YOU'RE JUST STAYING STUCK. 

This retreat taught me that I have something to offer. I have walked a bumpy road in my life but I have come out into a life that I love. You can too. It can start with small steps. Just trying one thing. Then trying another. Then another. 

This helps grow momentum, motivation, and confidence.  

It starts with small steps, learning to be honest with yourself, even when you f-up. Life comes with mistakes, BUT those do not have to stop you. 

Each week I want to teach you ways to just get started. This week I want to just say hey, I see you, I want to help you, just tell me what you need. 

If you see obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals, Let's flip them into opportunities to help you towards your goals. 

It's time.... let's chat about why you think you can't change your life right now. You deserve to feel good, be able to accomplish your goals like I have. 

I am working on my opportunities for this year, let's do it together. 

Just click the button below and see what is possible for you. 

Let's go, it's time to get started!

Kelly aka former box dweller, now living life to my fullest!

What are your intentions when you show up to eat? 


Have you ever wondered why we waste so much time overeating? 

This week, I had an interesting discovery that came up not only with myself, but with some of my clients too.

 As I work towards my weight loss goals, I've been back in active weight loss mode, facing the same challenges as you on your own journey.

 One of the challenges I faced this week was the scale not moving. While it's a good thing in some ways, my brain couldn't help but turn it into negative self-talk like "you're a failure" and "you're not good enough". I realized that it's not the number on the scale that matters, but what I make it mean.

As a coach, I stepped back and took a look at why the number on the scale was staying the same and where I could go next. 

One of the things I learned was the importance of setting intentions before a meal. 

I asked myself questions like, "how do I want to feel after this meal?" and "how can I be proud of myself during this meal?". 

By setting intentions ahead of time, I take control of my meal instead of letting it control me. I can make a decision not to overeat and pay attention to my eating habits.

Let's be clear how to make this doable. Be honest with yourself. 

Before I sit down to take actions I will not be proud of. Ask the questions.

 Make your intentions clear, be honest, I will make this decision right now paying attention and taking steps instead of ignoring my goals for weight loss. I am learning to take charge of my meals and putting up with no bullshit from myself. I know me having a better mindset with help me crush my weight loss goals. 

Check in with your meals see if you have the intentions you want to help you reach your goals. If you help figuring them out drop me a DM on my face book page  https://www.facebook.com/KellyMitchusonCoaching

And we can chat on setting you up with better intentions at your meals to help you move forward in weight loss, and stop wasting time wondering, we will be taking actions instead!

Much love, 


I can't believe she said it and it really caught my attention! 

Mar 16-23

This week I got the pleasure of being in a room with 30+ business professional women at a Vendors fair.  Now I want give her name but the most interesting sentence come out of her mouth. 

She said "I heard that whatever you weight at 50 you will weight the rest of your life."  Now being me the words "bullshit" came rolling right out of my mouth.  Now for you that know me personally no surprise right. 

For those of you that don't know me well I am a straightforward kind of woman.  Without missing a step I explained to her that I am currently in a membership of over 13,000 women. There are many women just like me that have blown that sentence right out of the water. I told her, I am 54, at 50 I weighed 215 plus. I chose to stop weighing because I did not want to know what the actual number was. 

Now if that were true there would be no way I would weight 150 right? There would be no way I would have been able to keep it off for more than 2 years or thousands of women.  This sentence she was told was the reason she just give up on trying to lose weight anymore. 

 I want you to think about what things have you been told why you cannot lose weight @ 40 and beyond. 

It all leads back to old diet rules that our brains "believe that are true." 

Old diet rules refer to outdated and restrictive guidelines that were commonly promoted in the past as the "right way" to eat and lose weight. These rules often focused on strict calorie counting, eliminating entire food groups, and relying on willpower to resist hunger and cravings. Some examples of old diet rules include:

These old diet rules often led to unsustainable and unhealthy eating habits, and could even contribute to disordered eating patterns and negative body image. It's important to recognize and challenge these old sh*tty diet rules. 

When trying to fit our "diets" into the rules we are just simply ignoring our bodies. 

What matters is "ARE YOU ACTUALLY HUNGRY" That is one of the foundations tools that I share with you on how I lost my weight and keep it off.  You can get all of those by clicking this link

I challenge you today to check in with yourself. Are there any old diet rules you're using? 

I want to help you lose the weight without the rules! I told everyone I spoke with, I have lost all my weight eating the foods I love, without the "rules". Eating chocolate almost every day! 

So I mean it when I say this you don't need another diet with rules you need a Coach. A coach can help you figure out what rules you have been using. Working together can help you achieve the results you want without the old diet mentality holding you back. 

That's why I'm different. I understand the struggles of dieting and I have developed simple and easy steps that allow you to enjoy your life and make sustainable changes to your diet. By focusing on progress over perfection, I can help you break free from the cycle of restrictive diets and feelings of failure. With my guidance, you can learn how to live a balanced life while still achieving your weight loss goals. Book a chat with me today and let's get started on your weight loss journey! This Chat costs you nothing. It gives you the chance to figure out how working with me could help you move forward towards your goals. 

Much Love, 


Three ways I screwed up when I go home from my trip

Mar 9-23

What? me! that's a yes!  I am human too. No matter how much planning you can do there will still be f-ups. Here was my three that really stuck out. 

These are just normal sh*tty thoughts. I am not a special unicorn. Neither are you! So many times we drop into old "habit thoughts" because we have practiced them for so many years and they were on lock. 

What I want to share with you is "its ok" and these thoughts are not a problem.  Looking back at these I noticed they were surfacing due to events that happened that I went off plan. 

Here is the fact, Losing weight does not have to be perfect. You can overeat or eat off plan and still lose weight. 

It's the decision you make after things happen that matter. 

Taking the moment and slowing my roll, I took a look at my actual data. 

Which looked like this: 

I was letting my brain have "Thoughts" that it was only seeing the negative. 

So knowing the facts I was able to look on what else is true. 

I am normal with normal thoughts. I will not let past events create my future. Nothing changes, I know planning works for me.

How do I do this? Go right back to my foundational tool of making plans. Nothing changes. In the past it would have had in thinking great, I just need to restart on monday, throw away my progress and just start over.  Then go to the kitchen and eat my face off. 

Have you ever seen yourself do this? That's what is different now for me. Knowing this work, knowing the how my thoughts drive me to turning to the food instead of the facts has changed my life.  Isn't it time to change yours? 

I want to make it easier for you to know what to do when old sh*tty thoughts come up for you and how you can deal with them WITHOUT food. 

If your ready to discover more how to love yourself, learn how to plan for thoughts like these, so weight loss becomes easier. 

Click here to book a chat. Join me in a conversation on how I can help you level up your weight loss. 

Much Love, 


I dont' tell my goals to F-Off when I'm on the road. 

Mar 2-23

I think many times we don't even realize that is what we do with our goals. 

When things seem so hard we just tell them to F-off.  

This week I have been on the road, and just like a totally normal brain, mine had all the thoughts about it's going to be to hard, your gonna want to eat all the things, We should just take a "break" you deserve it. 

These thoughts are just normal. What you choose to do with them is in your control. 

I Chose to take care of myself, like you can do also. It doesn't have to mean we give up on our weight loss goals. It means we make decisions and choices how we want to show up. 

So I want to share with you the simplicity of how you to can take this lifestyle of weight loss with you everywhere. 

One of the tools that I teach you in how to unf~*k your diet. Is a greatest fat burners out there~ Water. Knowing that we start out at 64 oz, and work our way up, My current bare ass minimum (BAM) that I drink is 118 oz a day. That is my sweet spot. 

You may think "WTF aint no way, and be on the road for 13.5 hours."

Now I use to think like that, and I would add my thought was, "I will have to stop every hour to pee we will never get there!" 

For one that is a bullsh*t thought. My brain just wants to use it as an excuse to keep me from drinking my water during the trip. Now I could share about 5 more but you get the picture. 

So here is how I handled it. 

Now of course there where going to be bathroom breaks but here is the obvious, I am a human and it's a human normal function.  But also being in my mid 50's I wanted to get out at least 4-5 times to walk around to help my legs, back and body during the trip. So those thoughts helped my brain see this is not a problem. This is actually going to help benefit me. Just stack it with me wanting to get movement. 

These steps where simple and they gave my brain the direction instead of letting it run wild with bullsh*t that would tell my weight loss goals they don't matter. 

Next I want to share how I handled planning my food.  Now just like you I have the "favorite places" that I like to stop at since I only get to when I come visit. 

So I planned my favorite "Cheesecake and deli place" In my trip. 

Again giving my brain the direction taking the "it's hard" out of the picture. 

Here is the one thing, No matter what I was going to eat, I knew that - I AM NOT GOING TO EAT UNTIL I'M HUNGRY! 

Now knowing my normal patterns, I usually don't eat until 10-11 am (breakfast). So I planned to stop at McDonalds, for a sausage mcmuffin. Then If I wanted lunch I would stop at subway. 

FYI there is subways are around just like the dollar stores. Just look at the exit signs the next time your on the road. 

So this is how I planned for the trip up. But here is how it all played out. In my foundational tools in the unf~*K your diet process. I share the when to eat.... 

We do not eat until we are actually hungry........

Hunger hit at 9:45 stop and got my sausage mcmuffin. I knew it was true hunger since I had been drinking my water already since 6 am.  

Then continued to drink water during my trip.

Guess what? I didn't get hungry again until 5:30! Here's is what I want you to see... 

Planning my trip, helped me show up in a way for my goals with my weight. If I hadn't my old habit brain would have just been showing up to eat like an a$$hole wanting to stop at when we typically eat by the clock. (old habit)

I did notice once that old sh*tty tried to mess me up- during one of my stops to fuel and use the bathroom- I smelled the most amazing pizza, and the thought crossed my mind- I should just get a slice. But here was my catch. Having made the plan when I was thinking as my better self. 

She was showing up for my goals and not telling them to F-off.  In that moment I was able to have the conversation why I wanted it. (It smelled so good and I haven't ate since this morning.  

BUT I'm really not that hungry yet. Which gave myself space and not reacting just from a thought in the moment. 

This narrative is what I teach my clients to use when the food thoughts arise and how we handle them. 

I want you to see just how you to can show up for your goals and not sacrifice what you want the most just because you're traveling or tomorrow looks like it would be hard to plan for. 

It's time for you to learn to use the foundational tools and with support from me, you to can plan, live, & love your life in the best ways with losing weight and keeping it off. 

Much Love, 


This is how to figure out small steps you can take to have more results in your weight loss.... 

 FEB 23-23 

One of the most important things I do each week is collect my data, then do the plan for the next week. 

This is down and dirty on how I Get it done. 

Each week I start out with Doable Foundations. 

Do-able Foundations are things that are like drawing a line in the sand and it's so easy as stepping over it. Easy steps  that are very doable goals.

These are the things that no matter what I am going  to do. I have worked on getting this internal relationship with myself. Being honest and doing the shit I said I would do. 

I look at it this way, would I lie to  Honey (my husband), When I say I am going to do it, I will go to hell and back to back sure I get it done.  That creates a trusting and loving relationship between us. This is something I have worked on with myself. 

Like you I have values, and lying is something I have never liked. PERIOD. So why would I say something to myself and choose to lie to myself. I want to use my values with everything in my life. Loving, and trusting myself is creating an amazing relationship with myself also. 

So no matter what when I say I am going to drink water every day, I am going to do it. I feel proud of myself when I actually do what I say I am going to do!

Each week on Sunday I sit down and make my decisions on what are the do-able foundations, the BAM Goals for my brain. The things that I know that I can get done, plus each week I also ask myself how can I level this up 1%, what can I do just a little better. 

Now here is where building the data helps you in weight-loss. I talk more about the foundations that I use in the Unf~*k your diet that I offer . If you want to get more details about all of them. Sign up here to get them straight to your inbox. 

Now coming to each sunday I take what I did, what I did not do,  and assess it. 

So looking at each foundational tool I use weekly shows me exactly where I can level up and what exactly I already have on lock. 

As promised I am sharing some of the questions that are foundational that I use each week. Here is the  PDF document to download and keep, you can start using this starting right now. Asking yourself these questions, for planning for the next 7 days. 

Hope this helps you level up your weekly planning. If you have any questions or obstacles your brain is throwing up why you can’t figure out your foundational do-goals drop me a message. I would be glad to chat with you to help you get this process on lock.  Make sure to check out the PDF. There is a bonus resource to help you figure out your BAM Goals!

Much love, 


Did you eat it or leave it

This week I have noticed a lot more about the food industry that really raises my eyebrow. 

With Valentines just a couple days ago. It really had my brain perking up and paying attention. 

Oh yes let’s not forget the Super Bowl that happened Sunday. 

Through the last several years the food world has gotten more convenient to eat like an A-hole. Giving you so many EASY options to each candy, chips, and soda until your eyes roll back in your head. It has taken the events and just turned them into another reason to overeat. 

I want to say first, I am not telling you that if you want to lose weight you can never eat them again. I just want you to notice if you partook in the holiday candy or extra foods- Was you hungry at the moment you ate it? 

Did you put it on your plan to have it? 

Tuesday ( V-Day) I had two situations that arose around food. 

First was the business Valentines luncheon I was invited to attend. Now I knew there would be candy on the table, damn sure of it. It’s one of the things V-day is  known for, right? 

So I put it on my plan- knowing that I am working on taking off some extra lbs. I wanted to enjoy some but with my best brain, my best mindset and with my goal on focus. 

So I am sitting there, and yup there were 12 pcs on the table. After eating lunch I caught myself counting them. Looks like two pieces per person at the table. So I reached in, took mine and immediately ate them. 

Do you know the most important thing I didn't do? Check in to see if I was still hungry! In the moment if I would have slowed down for just a second, I would have noticed why I grabbed them and ate them so fast- I was in a new situation- I was nervous- I was anxious and my brain was thinking- this would be a treat since I am handling it so well. 

Looking back I would have wanted to actually enjoy them, eating them slowly, enjoying them melting in my mouth. This was my old brain habit, eating without missing a beat. 

Second thing that happened was while getting my car serviced, I noticed that they had provided special “treats” of large heart shaped chocolates in the waiting area. 

But what did my old habit brain see, OMG there are only two left, they look so delicious. Now my old brain said- you planned chocolate, it won’t hurt to go ahead and have just ONE more. 

Now I noticed this and thought well I am going to miss out if I don’t eat one. This is a real thing- FOMO the fear of missing out. This appears in everyone's lives. We have just gotten used to it and don’t see it anymore. 

In the next thirty minutes my brain spent time having sexy talk about the heart shaped chocolate. Wondering ooooohhhh they look like truffles, UUUMMMM I bet they taste amazing. 

All along I was drinking my water. When it came time I needed more water, I went back up to the break area. OMG what did my eyes see, there was only one left……. OH no FOMO again. 

At that moment, I called my brain down like the unruly child that it can be at times. At that moment I decided to have the conversation it needed. 

This is what it looked like…..

Ok, Brain there is chocolate 

I know you think this will be good chocolate but is that true? NO

Have we ever eaten one that looked like that? NO

Is this on your plan? Well choc. WAS, but I already ate that

And the last question I asked was the one….

Are you hungry? And just like that I heard the old snappy “HELL NO” 

It was enough conversation that helped me slow my roll and walk away from the heart chocolate. 

This conversation-the moment where I just created enough time for my brain, and belly to connect and knowing helped me successfully sit through an urge. An urge to eat because I was feeling like I was missing out on the one piece of chocolate that my brain had all the sexy talk about. 

In the next couple days- try this…..this is my challenge to you…..

If you have a thought about grabbing some of that leftover chocolate or something you don’t have on your plan- set your watch for 5 minutes. Then ask this question: 

Why do I want to eat this? 

See what your brain is saying about the food….

You might hear something like this……

It will taste so good

One won’t hurt

I will eat better tomorrow

It’s almost gone

Oh If I eat it now I won’t be tempted tomorrow

Would love to hear what your brain was telling you!

Much Love, 


We have all had THAT one bad boss! Let me tell you about my new one! 

FEB 9-23 

This week I finished a very exciting project. 

I can’t wait to tell you more about it but first I want to explain about the 3 BS process I used to get it done. 

When we are trying to get change happening we get some push back from my bullsh💩t brain that won’t get it together some days. 

This is totally normal for all humans!

It really comes down to making a decision. In our lives, jobs, and homes, somebody has to be the boss. 

 Let me tell you about the WORST boss I have ever had. She wouldn't give me a potty break, lunch break almost never and overtime was also a huge issue. 

Well short story this b*+ch was ME!. I had such demands on myself they were very cruel to be the least.

So here is where I changed, and you can too.

I decided I could be the best of the 3 BS

The boss of:

Like great bosses, I wanted to have a great team! Solving problems, creating a transformation and getting amazing results.

You can do this for YOU.

When it came to my project I had to ask myself, as my best boss, 

In the moment you have to be willing to have some self-talk. You have to decide if you're going to continue to let yourself give all the excuses that hold you back or be willing to ask some questions and create some results.

This same process can be used when working on your weightloss. This concept I have been introducing to my clients. 

They are learning to create the narrative, the conversation with themselves to be the best boss over the 3BS.

Just remember when you start hearing the bullsh💩t excuses why you can’t do the things that can help you lose weight, that’s the time you get to choose what kind of boss you want to be in the moment. The ‘B!t@h” or the boss that has love and compassion who wants the best for the team!

If you missed my “Reel talk” Follow me on instagram to get weekly REAL moments that can help you with simple level ups that will help you blow your own mind with results.

Much love


P.S. I almost forgot! My project it's time to

 UnF~*k your diet: 3 tools to help you lose weight & keep it off!

🎯 Click this link to sign up to check it out! 🎯

3 things to stop doing 

Feb 2-23

This week I have shared a lot about assessing and tracking and why it's truly important in reaching our goals. I shared these in my weekly email. I want to encourage you to sign up if you haven't already yet. Blogs are starting to be a thing of the past. The one reason I keep putting it up is in case you want to get to know me better, you get to see more of my thoughts here. 

This last week against what my old sh*tty brain was telling me. I took a little extra time to sit down and go through my numbers. My first thought was "it won't matter if you can skip the last three days". 

Well that is complete bullsh*t. What I discovered was great reminders to me on where I want to go with my weight-loss and how I do keep my weight off. 

But first let me tell you the three things to stop doing right now!

Even I can be guilty of these things. I am a human just like you. 

This week I laid all the things out. Going back and looking at the last three days and finishing my habit tracker. Then while looking over it all here was some of my biggest ah-ha's 

Three things I wanted to work on this month were so much better. Then I was able to look at it. It gave me the clear path on what I wanted to work on for the next 30 days!

If you are tracking! remember how important this one habit can help you. 

I am currently working on getting back to running. It was one of my most amazing things I accomplished in 2022. This year I want to level up and surpass what I was able to do and make it better. So I have been using a great ONE HABIT TRACKER PAGE. I love it. I want to share it with you. 

With this tracker I have the one thing that I want to do every week. 

I set a goal. I made it measurable. Then I have a way to track it. Then at the end of the month I can assess it and look how I can make it a little better.  

If you would like to get a copy of it just DM me on Facebook or send me a quick email  kellymitchuson@gmail.com I would love to share it with you.

By setting clear and specific goals, tracking your progress, and engaging in self-reflection and daily assessments, you can establish a positive mindset and maintain motivation towards your weight loss journey.

Measuring your progress will identify areas for improvement and level ups that can make a difference in your weight loss.

Self-reflection and daily assessments can help you gain self-awareness and challenge the old sh!tty thoughts that may jacking up your progress.

Remember nothing is a priority until we make it one. If you are struggling in your weight loss. I am here. I want to help you. DM me let's have a conversation on how to get you moving forward. 

Much love,


Flipping the script on your old sh!tty thoughts 

Jan 26-23

You may be thinking why does this matter?

In our lives most all of our results we have gotten have started with a thought. Take for example weight loss.

You may be thinking:

That doesn't seem very motivating to me, I know this thought I had a be-gillion times over the years. 

Having that thought never helped me look for the things that would motivate me or help me take steps to move forward. 

to action doing things to achieve it. 

Giving me the result of staying stuck, and staying at my unhealthy weight. 

Our thoughts are the root of our results. 

Using a power thought to flip my script in my weight loss helped me get motivated and moving in the direction I wanted.  

Creating the new belief for my brain to focus on other than the negative it had on repeat. 

Here is a example of one: 

With this thought I felt a small shift of motivation showing in my life. Letting my brain grow into a new belief. 

Everyday I could choose actions that would help me level up in my weight loss journey. 

I chose not to treat myself in such a defeating way anymore. 

Using power thoughts I have accomplished many goals in my life.  

Today I am gifting you 45 of my favorites.  Just click down below to download them now for you to keep. 

 When you hear a old shitty just insert one of these to help you create a new belief and get motivation you looking for. 

Much Love, 


Today I am going to share how to show up like (Eddie Murphy) saying this phrase! 

 Jan 19-23 

Here is little story of  the three little shitties, that showed up today. 

The first little shitty was named little judgemental shitty. He sounded off like this

“Your not losing weight because you haven’t worked out this week”

So he got noticed.

What’s true about this thought is, well, I planned to get movement three times this week and I didn’t so far.

What could make it more factual. It’s thursday I have no dots filled in on my habit tracker.

The thought that moved me forward asking him to leave.

It’s thursday I actually have three more days left in this week to get movement. I do not workout for weight loss. I work out to help my body get the movement to make it more flexible.

Then the second little shitty busted in, His name was little scale drama shit. This dude is a twin brother!

“What good are you, you can’t even lose weight”

Well this guy is such an imposter! 

He got noticed all right. But here's how it could be true for him to be there. Why? Because he is basing his story on the number. He tries to make it mean something.

What’s the fact though he showed me a number XXX.

What’s the ( better thought) way I am kicking his a$$ to the door. 

No matter what the number says, weight loss is not perfect, there are normal fluctuations and I am not giving up on what I know works.

But wait, the third little shitty wanted to bust into this party too today….

His name- Bad boy data. What did this little sh*t want to add. You're gonna love this.

Yes, that little shitty about got to stay. But nope I decided he is worth some a$$ kicking too!

So he got noticed. 

But let me show you how this could be true.

Last time you tracked this you lost a lot in a couple weeks.

The facts 

I have data. 15 times I did not eat, 18 times I ate. Last time I had a lot more to lose.

What  better thought sent him and his brothers packing.

"I am proud of myself for keeping up with the data, consistently since Jan 1. I know weight loss is not perfectionism, it comes from being consistent and being willing to question the little shiites and not letting them bust in my house and trashing it!" 

Now they know "I'll kick your ass"

 Just like grandma EDDIE! 

Now if you're not familiar with working on your thought process like this. I want to help you from the little shitties keeping you stuck or not getting results in your weight loss. This process I have learned from my mentor and I want to help you with this 4 simple steps in thought work that keeps you from eating instead of processing them. 

Weight loss is about our thoughts. Sharing these I wanted to show everyone does have shitty thoughts everyday. They will not go away, it’s going to be something that will be a skill you learn and use to help you catch the thoughts before you turn to the cabinets to solve them. 

Are you ready to ask the little shitties to leave? Are you ready to work on the how?

I have time, just book a strategy below to get you started.  

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

If you are ready to start losing weight here is one thing that you need to stop doing.

Jan 12-23

Stop the trash talk. 

You know what I am talking about…. It’s those things you keep saying, or thinking about you and how you show up for yourself. 

Think about this for a moment…

What do you say when you're wanting to lose weight? 

“ It’s time to get off my a$$ and start doing this!” “It’s time to get my sh!t together” 

Does this trash talk really motivate you to do something? Or does it give you the f-it feeling that it's just too hard and you dread it. Do these sentences really get you into action? For so many including myself it only caused dread like everything was going to be hard, like I don’t already have my sh!t together and never have. Setting my brain up for pre-failing! It also was beating me down instead of lifting me up everyday. 

These thoughts are tied to old diets you have tried in the past. When those diets had you restricted, denied, deprived, starving and made you an intolerable woman to be around. 


Let’s change this and make your diet a new lifestyle way of eating. It starts with using new thoughts to help you. Now if you have heard this before trust me, for me it takes a few times to get the new thoughts on lock. Creating a new way of thinking. 

Just like you have heard before, if you keep doing things the same way, you get the same old results. And listening to the old trash talk did not motivate you to lose weight it in the past right? 

So it’s time to change the trash into treasure. 

Challenge yourself when you hear an old shitty thought, stop and question it…. But what else can I think? 

When you hear “This is just to hard” try on “This may be a little hard but I can make it a little easier by just trying thinking a little different today” 

Or “This is just to hard”  Add “But today I am worth trying” 

Here are some other thoughts to try on this week to keep moving forward giving the trash talk a rest and reward yourself with some treasure talk. 

These are just a few to add to your treasure talk to yourself. 


This is you being the cheerleader for yourself. Think of it this way, If you heard the sweet little 9 year old girl saying mean, demanding trash talk to herself would you not want to change that. Teach her how to talk to herself in a loving way. Not the angry, judgmental  b*$th talking  that we do to ourselves. She is still there, my friend!  When I catch myself I just look at the me at 9 and remember how can I talk to her today and show her the support she needs. 

Let her hear some treasure talk today. 

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

Do you know how Facebook can really affect your weight loss? 

Jan 5-23

5th day of January, how is the new Diet going? 

I wanted to check in with you to see if you're having any feelings coming up that are holding you back already?

My big one today is anxiety….. From what…..?

I journaled about what things are I noticing that are causing anxiety in my life. 

One my social media feed… (Facebook) 

One of the things I work with my clients  is working on  identifying external environmental factors. 

Things that are out of our control that we see and happen in the world affects us in so many ways. One way for me is to start feeling anxiety about something for example. Here was mine. 

Other people and their weight loss. What they are doing and being successful with. Then my brain wants to jump to “You should be doing that!” Which brings up the feeling of anxiety. Then when I feel that an old habit comes around for a visit. EATING WHEN I AM NOT HUNGRY. Then the result of eating when not hungry, yup, gain weight. 

Here is the way I teach my clients to dissect this. To move forward in their weight loss. Breaking the cycle they are caught up in. Below is the simple questions that help them identify what is really going on that happens time after time. 

You see the thought: “You should be doing that!” 

Next stop and ask yourself the simple question- “Is that true?” 

Not sure then ask if this is old diet thinking trying to sway you from the process you know that  can work. That’s the old doubt brain at work. When in doubt you won’t be committed to give the process a chance and just look for something else to do. 

Next ask yourself what else could be true today? Today I might be letting outside factors determine my path when it’s not useful for me? 

Notice that’s why you're feeling the anxiety- Comparing and letting it drive old habits, feelings and being able to self correct with just asking a couple questions.  To see what's creating the anxiety.

When we try to avoid feelings we turn to food before we even know it. This is very deeply ingrained in us. 

For years growing up do you ever remember anyone in your life offering you food so you would feel better? Listen I had the sweetest grandmother but when I was not at my best she would make icing for me! That’s ingrained deep and one thing I know now. When anxiety, doubt, overwhelm and uncomfortable feelings come up that food thoughts show up. AWARENESS. Journaling and having my own coach has helped me move forward and lose the weight and keep it off. 

Here is one way that I have learned to deal with this type of external factor. 

I choose to not open my social media, until later in the morning. 

I want to journal first on how I want to show up for the day and what I am working on for my weight loss. I am my own boss. So I want to give myself direction first. It doesn't matter what others are doing, I know what is right for me. I have all the tools and know how to use them. You can do the same. 

When we let the world tell us how to feel a lot of times we walk away from social media not feeling good about ourselves because we let the old compare and despair feelings take over. They may not be loud thoughts but they can be little old shitty thoughts that continue to beat us down each day. I want to show you how to stop the chatter and move forward for a new year achieving your goals for 2023.

If you are ready to learn more about how your external environment affects your diet. Let’s chat. I will help you identify the things that will be causing old eating habits to get in the way of your weight loss. 

Much Love, Coach Kelly

The link below is for a 20 min quick chat to help you figure out what's currently affecting your weight loss 

Goal Setting broke out in steps

 Dec 29-22

Well there's just a couple more days left in 2022. I am a believer it’s never too late. We are still in this year and we can leave it with a bang. One way is knowing what we want for 2023.

This last week I challenged you to write out as many wins you could think of for this last year. Why? I want you to remember all the things you did like a badass. Even the small things move us forward every day. Right down to, I put my foot on the floor and got up with a good attitude most days. 

Today I want to offer you the steps on how to set a GOAL for 2023. 

Now we know what you accomplished in 2022… 

What do you want to accomplish in 2023? That’s a question you have to answer. 

   Weight loss?

Stop drinking?

Read more? 

For self care time?

* It needs to be measurable so you know when you have completed it. Also align it with a deadline. Pick something that makes you stretch, but also something you can complete with the time from you choose and in time available to you.  

Example: I want to lose 40 pounds by July 2023 

Examples: not enough time, it’s too hard, I don’t know how I would have done it. 

Now taking all the steps you create a plan on getting it done. Now your brain may be doing the back flips right now. “That sounds like so much just to figure out”.Is what most brains would be going into. Well this is where I want to offer my help. If you need help doing this goal setting process. I am here. 

Stop waiting, let's get you started on the 2023 you want. 

I don’t want another year that you give up on your goal after a month or two of talking yourself out of it. When your doubt and confusion show up and run the show it seems impossible to finally get it. Let’s stop that process. This year can be the year for me to create great change and move forward. 

This can help you move forward into 2023 like a badass. If you want help. 

Drop below to book a "let's get it figured out session" to get it done! 

Much Love,

Coach Kelly 

Stress free Christmas food plan for the busy holiday

Dec 22-22

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. As for me, I had planned to be on the road this evening making a turn and burn trip to see our youngest for the holiday. We had all the things lined up with the oldest son going with us, cat sitter ready. House ready. Presents wrapped and ready. 

Then we looked at the forecast again. Yup the impending snow apocalypse has decided to throw a wrench in my plan. Home we stay.

Just like our food plans for Christmas. We can plan, write it out, have it set in our brains. Then boom, We show up to the meal and that’s not what I planned. 

How do I handle this? That’s life right? Sometimes each day, like the holidays, comes at us like a snowstorm. But we don’t have to let it throw us off. We can step up and figure it out.

I want to show you this simple process that you can use for the next few days when thinking about how you will plan your Christmas foods with family.

Make the decision today, RIGHT NOW. For the next few days, am I choosing to eat to maintain my weight? Lose weight? Or am I ok to gain a pound or two?

Take for example if you are wanting to continue losing weight, then I will show you the how in the next few steps.

Another thing is some people tie their love to food. I love you so I made you all the things you love to eat, NOW eat them (food pusher, yup I       was guilty of this)

Choose what you will and will not eat if it shows up on the table.

Visualize the plate, will it be plastic, real or are we eating on napkins.

Visualize the table, the foods that might be there. Decide what will get the VIP space in my belly for the meal.

Release any thoughts ahead of time about “I know I am going to overeat”

If you're not using a specific plan (in a planner)  just break out some paper and write it out. Telling yourself this is the way I am choosing to show up to the meal. Talking out the visual plan you have laid out.

Now if you have multiple meals you can use this process before each one.

Even in the last minute situations. Before picking up your plate to serve yourself, think about what is my goal for the holiday? 

To lose, maintain or gain. 

So what will I choose to align with that goal?

This work I like to do the night before a meal. I like to journal all of the things in the visualizing process. Look, I do it even if I am the cook! Taking the moments to think ahead of time makes it super simple for my brain to understand that no matter what happens like a snowstorm I can plan ahead and be able to handle it like a boss. That no matter what if my brain is offering up's 6 inches of shitty thoughts, I can plan for it!

This will help you during the holidays when your brain wants to offer up all the thoughts that you can’t handle, you can, you're smart and  are figuring out what works best for you.

I want to wish you and yours a

𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕄𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕪 ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕞𝕒𝕤!!

Much Love,

Coach Kelly

P.S. the rest of the story, we are not traveling, but visualizing what we want Christmas to be, time together~ how are we creating it~ Live on Zoom~ and if they want to know what they got for presents! Well we will open the gifts live for them. As we say PLMF! (Pivot like a MF!) Headed to the store to get bread and milk. Wish me luck.

P.S.S I forgot! Next week make sure to check this blog or you can sign up for the weekly newsletter so it will come directly to you. I will be setting you up for success for 2023 and giving you the basics on how to set a goal!!

An arrow can be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that is going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming. 

These represent trips to places with my family, a rock painted on the eclipse day 8/21/2017, a coin from my son when he graduated Basic training, a cross given to me when I use to be in law enforcement, and a patch from my son's flight. All of these have a special yet powerful meanings to me....K

KFG!!! what does that mean to me..... read more to find out..... 

Dec 15-22

It's that time of year that you are seeing a lot hoopla about picking a word or symbol for 2023. In the January Jumpstart it is one of the benefits you get help picking it out so it can be a another tool for your weight loss. 

Why does that matter? When we use symbols, words, quotes or tattoos for example, We attach powerful meanings to them. This is one of the key daily reminders when you see the word or symbol that it keeps you in forward motion. 

I want to share with you why it has a very important place in my life. You many have seen the live I done earlier this week about it. 

I shared how even when discouraged and I wanted to quit that just looking at the symbol and remembering what it meant to me, gave me the kick in the ass I needed to keep going. I have attached three letters it it. KFG now if you haven't heard me say let me do it now. 

KFG along with an arrow means Kₑₑₚ Fᵤcₖᵢₙg Gₒᵢₙg. My arrow has three dots first that represent the men in my life that support every day. My honey and my two boys. Then the feathers the four feathers stabilize me during my flight. These are my parents and two brothers that have now have passed on, I feel their support and love that stays with me every day in my journey. My journey is to find and help other women finally lose the weight and keep it off, loving the lifestyle of eating that they no longer have to restrict or deny themselves food they love. 

Here are 5 tips to choose your power, word, or symbol for 2023. 

Step 1 Reflect: on last year and ask these questions: 

Step 2 Visualize: Visualize what a perfect day would feel like, emphasis here is "FEEL". Think about how you want your mornings routine to feel, how you want to feel when you're thinking about your goal. How do you want to feel right before bed. How will how feel when you see the word or symbol. 

* I recommend mediating or sitting in silence for a couple minutes asking yourself "What word do I want to focus on in 2023?". This is simple but effective. 

Step 3  Create a list: Now I have attached a cheat sheet to get you started. Spend 10 minutes creating a list of words that come to mind, no editing! or use the examples I have you and highlight the ones that speak to you. 

Step 4 Review and Refine: Review your list and narrow it down to your favorites. I would circle or highlight your top three. Chances you will see a theme between them. Do any of the words jump out at you? Do any give you the feeling of excited, nervous or a little scared? Sometimes when words scare us means we are not on the right track. You are looking for a word to empower you. Think about the three words and try them on. No need to over analyze them. Trust your gut. 

Step 5 Ask yourself this very important question: 

Are you ready? To commit to 2023..... Using this word can give the the  KFG momentum you are looking for! write it everyday at the top of your journal, scribble it on a post it, paste it to the fridge, If you picked a symbol like me. Make is visible in your life..... and let's keep moving forward. 

Let's keep fucking going!! 

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

Do you want to know the best gift I ever gave to myself? 

Dec 8-22

Do you want to know the best gift I gave myself? 

A life Coach. DAMN STRAIGHT. 

Of course your first thought is yeah, yeah, here she goes again. But wait just a minute and hear me out. 

After I hit forty a lot of things changed for me. Age, which we know affects us ladies, my weight and my life. I wanted to lose weight but I had all the excuses. “It’s too hard”, “ I will just be over 40 and fat”. Are just a couple. I was really tired of trying the next best fad to only give up two weeks in and gain my weight back plus some. 

Then January 1 would roll around again. I would search for the next best diet and go all in. Just repeating the same cycle AGAIN.   As they say fell off the wagon, took it off into the woods, burned it and used the money to buy cupcakes. It felt like I would never figure it out.  BULLSHIT! HORSESHIT! CATSHIT! DOGSHIT! That was a big lie that my old shitty brain was telling me. 

I was really just wanting to find the thing that would tell me what to do, when to do and how far I had to jump to get the results I was looking for. Through the years I had gained weight, lost weight to only just gain it back so many times it was mind blowing. 

Now jump forward until late 2019. I found my mentor, Corinne Crabtree, she spoke right to me. Like a bitch slap really, I started listening to her learning all the things and weight just fell off. Then I started digging into why this was finally working. OMG she is a life coach! I MUST HAVE MY OWN! 

That being said, I decided to go all in on myself. With doing the work in self studying how to coach my best client (ME)  I got as far as I could and knew I wanted to level up my game. Boom went to school to get my Certification as a Coach. 

To this day I do have my own personal weight loss coach I work with each week, you may ask why, because I am in maintenance. Well I do it for me. I love having the benefits of getting weekly support and direction on the next thing I am working on. Coaches are trained in more than just weight loss.

My speciality is weight loss due to my vast experience and knowledge in the issue. With the simple steps of what I have learned in the last two plus years, combining all the additional workshops, classes, studies and masterminds. I want to help you. I have figured out the Solution that will move you forward. 

I have a very special offer. I want to help you move forward~January 1 is right around the corner. Let me show you the best reSOLUTION this time. I have the No Gain Solution that will help you lose weight and keep it off PERIOD. It is not a rigid plan that takes  no special foods, denying and restricting foods either. 

I can teach you that you can lose weight by enjoying your wine, attending events, parties, and getting togethers without the drama or thinking you can’t eat that if I want to lose weight thinking. 

Today I am announcing a special for the holidays that you can give yourself the best gift ever to get the Jumpstart on your January reSOLUTION. I am offering for a short time, 2 one hour sessions for $99 +tax. There is limited space. You  can purchase it for you or a friend. This will give you specific direction and creating the goals, and having the strategy to get you the jumpstart now. These sessions can be purchased now and don’t expire till March 31, 2023. Just in case you like to start earlier or after the first week's hype of the new year. There are more details that are included in the package on my work with me page. 

Let’s get together and get the jumpstart to 2023, let’s make it the year you lose the weight and keep it off. 

Much love, Coach Kelly 

My top favorite 6 books.... 

Dec 1-22

Just one month left in 2022, it has been a year for sure. In the last year I completed Certification @ The Life Coach School, Quit a job I had been at for 13 years, opened my own coaching practice, read over 20 different  self development books, attended two live events in Nashville, ran in a marathon completing over 9 miles. Went all in on me and my dreams, these are just a few things I did that in all of my 53 years I would have never dreamed of doing. 

Why? Well because I was too busy beating myself, judging myself for my shortcomings and what I couldn’t do. A Lot of it tied to my weight issues I had dealt with for so many years. I could lose it but just turn around and gain it back. In the last two years I have found the tools, put them to work in my life. Through this journey I have found that no matter what my flaws are that I love me and I can show everyday and just keep fucking going! Every small thing I do is adding up to the results I want.

I am talking to you, I want you to know I love you and see you, I know the struggles you are having with the food, your body and how it affects you each day. There are so many myths out there that are simply not true. One of the biggest is that after 45 & 50, and so on we cannot lose weight. That is complete bullshit…. I was 50 when I first started this process for the last time. I always said I would just have to be on the right diet plan before I could start. I would spend so much freakin time looking for the RIGHT diet.  Then like an old record I would start it just give up when I went off the rails not doing it perfectly. 

That is one thing I want you to know that doesn't matter anymore. Lord I F-up up more than a few times a week but was still able to lose weight. It really does not matter what foods, it's the mindset with the food. Once I learned how much I was tying my emotions to my foods, and cutting that tie, weight literally was falling off. I want to help you. It’s just that simple. It hurts my heart to see so many women still struggling with this. I want to stop the yo-yo cycle for you too. I want you to be able to help you achieve the body you want in the second half of your life. We are older, wiser and have the head space to do it. 

One of the greatest tools I used to help my mindset was reading. Each new book helped me see how it means so much. I want to share my favorites with you. I do recommend the first one I would read is Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton which I have read more than once. It has questions throughout the book that helped me move forward in my weight loss. But here is the thing, the questions she shared can be used for any goals you have. The key is to read them then challenge yourself to answer them. It really helped me see what was holding me back. These are just six of my favorites. With Christmas coming, why not gift yourself or when someone asks, share the list. 

I have 5 of these on the audio version, and listen to them several times. I like them in the printed version because I love highlighting, taking notes and adding tabs to refer back to. I think you will enjoy these too. If you are looking for book studies to accompany these just send me an email.  

If you're ready to dig deeper and ready to stop having just another year battling your weight. Let’s chat about how working with a coach can help you finally reach the goals you want. 

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

The one tip that's most important for the holiday

Nov 23-22

Yes excuse the hair, face and NO LIPSTICK, That's just not me right? (in the video below) 

Well I know we are all doing the rate race for the cheese to get the shit done today. Running around picking up family, making sure the house is clean, cooking all the favorites for the fam. Just really doing all the things. Now listen I could be doing what everyone else is doing covering you up with all the offers of cheap packages, sales, discounts and bullshit that right now is not on your radar. Honestly we just ain't got time for this today. 

I did not want to add to ALL THE THINGS overwhelming you today. So here is my video below with the quick most important tip for the thanksgiving holiday, and of course added one bonus. 

I want you to know I love you and thank you so much for letting me be part of your life. Now if you think UH no longer teaching concepts this week. If that is something you're wanting, well if you don't already have the free 22 journal prompts for the holidays just click the link below you can get that free resource to give you the prompts you need to do some self reflection  during the next few days. 

Again, love you, miss your face and have a very happy thanksgiving holiday. 

Much Love, Kelly 

P.S. If you don't have the 1.5 min here is what I really want you to know. The biggest tip I have for you is do not eat until your hungry, I don't care what uncle Jo says, or your thoughts about your crazy pain in the ass sister Joan don't make it about the food. Listen to your body! and add some water to it. Bottoms up Happy thanksgiving my friend! 

Holiday festivities are upon us 

Nov 17-22

Well we are in the here and now! the first eating holiday festivities are starting this weekend. I want to help you. Below I have shared my food plan. 

One of the biggest tools in the no gain solution is planning our meals ahead of time that sets us up for success. If you look at the post on the book of face this week I talked about why planning ahead and how we make simple plans works for the special events.  

Another part of that tool is planning the foods we love is so important. Let me explain. 

Let's look at old diets first, In the past we had special diets and plans that forced us to give up certain foods forever that were restrictive, denying us of our much loved foods. These types of plans were doomed to fail long-term.  

These plans made you feel like you was just in "food jail".  and when your brain just can't white knuckle it any longer. We needed a "break" and from that would lead into the old habits, overeating even more in the moments due to all the pent up deprivation we was feeling. 

Now the way my solution works is you get to have the foods you love, with planning we get to plan the special events ahead of time. Making the decisions ahead of time that will help us build the results we want. 

Now remember this I am not saying you can plan cake everyday and have huge results. But you can plan cake when it means the most to you and you show up and enjoy every damn bite. Hence like me I eat chocolate everyday. 

Working with food plans we are creating a way of eating that works with our bodies, feeding it when it needs fuel, and building the trust with ourselves with decisions that keep us consistently on our weight loss journeys. 

You can still have planned sexy foods you love. We just decide the when and not from last minute situations that lead us into overeats. 

So I want to share my thanksgiving protocol to help your brain figure out how you want to show up that it is all possible to have the much love foods during this holiday stopping the gain. 

Hope this helps your brain do some pre-plan to help you have the no gain for thanksgiving. If not let's chat and customize your plan. 

Let's talk more about the "No Gain Solution" I will help you stop the scale and learn the solution for the weight loss you want. Tis the season is not over. 

You don't need to repeat the holiday weight struggle another year.

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

P.S. Don't forget about the 5 tools that will help you today to get the weightloss you want. I have used them for two years, losing over 75 pounds and keeping it off. 

It's not to late! 

 Nov 10-22

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I know I am not the only weight loss coach yacking at you about I have the answer. I know there are many of us with each having their own way of coaching. 

What I say to you…..

I get it. All the posts are overwhelming.

I see you.I have been where you are. 

I love you. I got your back. 

I have whole hearted passion for you. I want to help you figure weight loss out. I am an example of what is possible. I have done the work, the research, and the trial and error for you. I have the tools that will get you the results you want. 

Everyone is looking for quick immediate gratification. I cannot guarantee a quick 10 pounds will just fall off. But what I will guarantee you is that using the tools, working one on one with me. We will stop the gain. Stop the scale right in its tracks. I know once you start putting the tools in your life you will lose weight. You will feel better. You will stop the shame, disappointment, pain you have had over trying to do this. 

But here is one thing I will say about that. You have to make the decision when you are ready. It doesn't matter what I give you, You have to decide to use it. 

So many holidays I had so much guilt and shame about the way I just ate my way through them. Then at the end of the year I looked at how many times I “tried” to finally lose the weight. Then make the new year's “dis-solution” to figuring out what was the new thing I could try.  

I want to help you reach your goal. 

So today let me give you one of the tools I use every single day in my weight loss and why it matters. 

Today… set a goal to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water. 

Now listen up, I get it I hated water for so many years. I always carried the excuse why I couldn't drink it. I grew up drinking cokes like they were going out of style. It really comes back to when I made a decision. I know it is very important in weight loss and I can at least try. Remember this, when the body is dehydrated it will call up faux hunger signals to try to get what it needs from your food. So to keep from feeling hungry all the time I started drinking water. 

This one thing was a level up from what I did the day before. Getting water on lock also helps your body to function the way God made it to. Other benefits included better digestion, my skin looked amazing and for me stopped the random pimple that plagued me. 

Drinking water is one of the tools from the no gain solution. I want you to have the others to get you gathering wins today in your weight loss journey. 

Let me help you reach your goals for the holidays, enjoying them, eating the foods you love and stopping the gain this year.

Much Love, Coach Kelly

P.S. don't forget to get the other tips just click button at top of the page. 

I love the song "Wobble" but it's not my holiday goal!

Nov 3-22

Now is the time the stop wobbling away from the holiday table

full of regrets about letting the food control this season of the year. 


You can enjoy your holidays and BE with your family and still get to eat your favorite foods without restricting or denying yourself grandma's famous pie. 

 Listen I get it, I remember thinking about there is no way I can lose weight during the holidays. But the fact is that's simply wasn’t true. As someone who has learned about emotional eating, I figured out this was the main reason I was always gaining weight this time of year. I had thoughts that were very tied to Christmas because I would always worry about buying all the right gifts, worrying if they were going to hate them, worried that we would not have the money to make sure the kids had a good christmas. With all the thoughts that were swirling in my head like turds in the toilet, I would eat to just comfort myself because it was the way I was dealing with not wanting to feel the emotions of worry or trying to be a people pleaser which always stressed me out. It had me showing up in a way that was truly not taking care of my body in the way I wanted.  Doing actions that hurt my body instead of serving my body. Over eating, overdesiring and f-it eating.

What changed? First I figured out the 5 tools that helped me move forward. These tools are the basics of the framework to the “No Gain Solution” After putting them to work for me, I noticed how # on the scale I wanted for my weight were more attributed to my thoughts not about the food. A truely pivot like a mother-Fer #PLMF moment for me. It helped me recognize all the times that I was eating too much, eating when I was not hungry which in turn gave me the results of gaining weight every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Tool # 3  I will share real quick here 

Waiting For Hunger

I want to be honest here. The only reason as a society that we are overweight is we all overeat. PERIOD. Look how many restaurants today over serve us, then we get more over desire for the food. Listen I used to eat the Hardee’s Big burger, when my body got too much food what do you think it did with it? Yep I had the big badonkadonk! (My ass was big). One of the biggest keys for you to lose weight is ask this question right here-Am I hungry? So many times we eat because we are tired, we are using the food as comfort, to relax, or just plan an old mouth orgasim because it tastes damn good.  Using this question at every meal has helped me identify when I am hungry and when I am not. What do you think I do when I am not hungry? That’s right I do not eat. It’s better in the trash than on my ass. 

So once I figured out how my emotions tied to my eating the next step was stopping and taking a PAUSE.  I would pause, check in, am I hungry? Or is this an urge to eat because I am trying to comfort myself with food instead. This simple question and pause really helped me figure out what my body truly needs in the moment and helps me work towards my weight loss goals. 

Benefits you will have with the no gain solution 

I want you to be looking out for yourself, working towards your goals now instead of waiting until January 1 to make all the new years dis-solutions we do to ourselves. 

This solution can be used for vacations, special events, and major life events. These tools will set you up with the support, direction, accountability you're looking for to get you to reach your weight loss or another life goal. One perk is you will also have someone that will call you out on your bullshit excuses helping you bust the obstacles that are in your way. 

For a limited time I am offering a DAT sale (day after thanksgiving special now) This price is totally unheard of but I want to make it so is available to women to get results now! 

Book a free session below we can chat to see if I can give you the solution you're looking for. 

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

This is how I don't bury my face in the halloween candy! 

Oct 27-22

Here are some quick tips I want to give you on how you can help you enjoy this weekend without making it about the treats we love controlling us! But first let's talk about how you want to show up. You can decide right now, to drop the fear about eating too much halloween candy that keeps us in the shame cycle when we are trying to lose weight. 

It starts like this....

First you decide ahead of time how you want to show up

If you think: "I won't be able to keep from overeating the candy"

This will have you feeling defeated ahead of time basically leading you to the "It won't matter why even try" thoughts.

Now listen, let's get down to the nitty gritty basics.

You are in control of what you put in your mouth, ain't nobody forcing you to eat it. Yes I get the well I bought it. I don't want it to go to waste. Well that's bullshit.

Here is a power thought you can think ahead of time.

"There are going to be candy and treats present this weekend, I know they don't have power of me, I control what I put in my mouth"

It really matters what you think, our thinking leads us to feelings that our actions of what we do or not do. If we feel more in control of the foods we show up more in control! Taking actions that lead us to the results we want. 

Now I want to share some quick tips to get some easy wins for this weekend.

Quick tip #1

Do not buy the candy until Halloween day! I get it sometimes. We think if I buy it ahead of time I can get a discount- Really! Is the $2 savings worth the beat down and torture thoughts about yourself for eating all the candy. Feeling the regrets and all around f-it about how you can't control yourself.

Quick tip #2

Buy cheap little glad baggies, bag up and divide out the candy ahead of time, tie a little ribbon on them to make them special to hand out. Not having the easy reach of a big bowl of candy will give your brain the moments pause it may need to keep from the grab-ass eating we sometimes do! Have you ever heard the little sneaky thought "This one piece won't matter" Yeah that one! It's a dream killer.

Quick tip # 3

When the trick or treating is done, bag up all the leftovers and put them in your car! Then take them to your local, sheriff's office, police station, or ambulance service. Give them a treat for Halloween and thank them for spending time away from their families on the holiday. This you can do that night or even the next day. It stops the grab-ass eating, the thoughts you might have about "I have to eat it or it's going to waste." It also stops the mindless eating of just grabbing and eating it without even thinking.

And lastly you can create a plan or protocol for the holiday itself. You can decide ahead of time to choose to partake in the holiday treats but do it with an intentional plan. I can eat anything I want as long as I plan it ahead of time. For me, I am an avid cupcake lover (really it's the icing). I am choosing to have one at the fall festival on saturday. This way I will have no guilt about it. I know I planned it and I can have it. Because the way I have built my eating lifestyle I can eat any food I want but it all starts with one question..... Am I hungry? I know that if I stop and ask that question helps me make the decisions that help me move forward in my weight loss. So I will eat my cupcake when I know I am actually hungry. It's planned and I can enjoy every bite of it.

I have successfully come through two halloweens losing and maintaining my goals for my weight.

Now these are just quick tips, but I want to help you move further in your goals. I want to show you how much change you can create for the rest of 2022.

Don't forget I am offering the "No Gain solution" with tools that will help set you up to stop the scale and give you the support to work towards your weight loss goals.

Set up a complimentary session so we can chat. I am offering a limited number of coaching spots. I want to help you figure out how to handle the holidays and not gain more and have the freedom to leave scale drama behind. This solution will help you start losing weight enjoying the foods you love.

You deserve to feel amazing, you deserve to reach your goals. Let's enjoy the holidays without the struggles with food and the scale drama that follows it.

Much love, Coach Kelly

How did my weight loss begin? 

Oct 20-22

I  want you to get to know me and how my story began.  As they say on Facebook : Warning long blog post Since high school I have battled my weight and yes that was a long time ago. 35 years of yo-yo dieting, fad diets, diet pills, shakes, special meals plans you name it. 

The cycle was always vicious. I would lose 50 pounds by restricting, denying and punishing myself over the years. Eventually gaining the weight back and putting a few more right behind it. For years this process went on. Causing myself such pain, and self hate about my body. You may think RIGHT! SURE! Well I have shared a couple pics above. I just hated pictures of me! Pictures showed me, my weight, the truth I refused to admit about my size. I was the president of my own self haters club.

I was constantly hovering around 175 and up- once I actually got to 153 only three pounds from my dream goal. Then the next week I started gaining weight -one pound then the next two pounds until it just climbed right back up and this time landing at 180. I was a myfitness pal freak per say. I would count the calories like it was money in the bank. At the end of the day I would have calories left to spend since I walked or worked out. So then I would eat captain crunch after dinner because I still had calories left! Here is the kicker: I WAS NEVER HUNGRY FOR IT!

Now starting in September 2020 I found a weight loss coach who taught me that I could eat what I wanted and could still lose weight. I was like sure!! while shaking my head. At this point I knew I am over 50 and I just won't be able to lose weight.

So began my journey- MY LAST Journey! With learning the basics. Planning my food, drinking water, not eating too hungry, stopping at neutral and journaling. In 6 months I went from 215 to my first goal of 150. I was elated! I was so in love with this way of lifestyle I decided that I wanted to help other women lose the damn weight they have dealt with their entire lives. I decided that I wanted to create some new goals. I wanted to see if I could get to 145, no problem hit that goal, then 140. Lord and behold hit that goal. I did not stop until it got to 133 pounds, listen in high school I never weighed that I literally skipped that number range. Or at least that was my story!

I understand your pain, and your own self beatdowns about your weight and why you think you cannot lose it.

I have already helped several clients see weight results in the first 4 weeks working with me. I teach basic tools that will help you get wins on the scale. With this also helping women feel better and create the self confidence and self love they deserve.

Lost 75 pounds using the 5 tools of weight loss 

I want to help you blow your mind with results in your life. I want to teach you how to achieve your dreams of finally leaving the weight behind. I want to teach you that you can lose weight without restrictive eating, no special diet, just eating foods you love. With living your life in a way you love, helping you develop deeper relationships with yourself, spouse, significant other and with the foods you eat. I teach you how to feel better and live a happier life.

If you would like to talk about what coaching packages I offer, sign up now for a complimentary 1:1 mini session so I can show you how coaching can change your life. You are worth the investment. 

What a better way to love yourself than investing in you and creating the life you want. Loving your body. Feeling amazing. Having someone work one on one with you focusing on what your obstacles are, not in a group setting where you are not always getting the help you need. Most importantly losing weight for the last damn time!

 I believe in this work and I believe in you! Book a mini session. Let's talk. This session is free. Why not take a moment for you. 

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly

Where do I even begin?  Have you ever heard this thought? 

Oct 13-22

I wanted to: 

Just taking the first step sometimes feels so hard. So why do we think it's hard? Is it because we have tried and failed? Is is because the “I don’t even know how to get it started” 

Have you ever heard these questions? 

These are just some things you think that just keep you in a thought error loop.  These types of loops just keep us stuck, doing nothing, and beating ourselves up. This is an example of self sabotage. It’s giving up on ourselves before we even start. Sometimes looking at our past evidence that we have not been successful at it, why would this time be any different. 

One key to bringing this type of loop to an end and creating awareness. When you hear these thoughts just take a moment to notice them. When we notice them we bring light to them and we can ask ourselves some other thoughts that can help us process and flip the thought. 


Let me explain, look at the goal of losing weight. Habit brain “Where do I even begin?” Ok so we notice the thought. Next step is to see how that thought is normal, “That’s normal for me to think that I hear of so many ways to do it”. The next step is to make the thought neutral. Instead of “where do I even begin” We could make it neutral as in, “Today I will start”. The last component is what else can I think? “Today I am learning what small steps I can take to help me lose weight”. 

This process is four steps that will give your brain something else to think about instead of the negative side of the situation.  

Let me dive a little deeper in this. 

The fact is you want to lose weight. 

Your thought is “Where do I even begin”

Which could lead to a feeling of “discouraged” or “confused” or even “hard” 

When we feel these types of feelings it leads to actions of: Not doing anything to help us work on a weight loss goal, we sit and ruminate on the looping thought errors. We buffer looking up ALL the Diets, Keto, Weight watchers, B-12 shots, shake diets and so on. We basically consume a lot of great diet industry bullshit they have sold us in the past. 

The results we don't’ lose weight.

Here is where your power is! It all starts with a thought. You have the power to think of something else. 

If you thought “Today I am starting with small steps that will help me lose weight”. 

With that thought you just ask yourself 

What is one thing I can do today that will help me work towards that goal? I can drink some water today. Just taking the first small step. Then repeat the process building each small step into the goal you're working for. Small steps create progress, that’s us moving forward. Moving forward creates level ups and we just keep leveling up working on the things we most want in life. 

Do you have a goal you just don’t know where to start on? Sign up for a mini session. Let's chat about it, let me help you get your new thoughts about it and I will help you create the first three steps to achieving it! 

Much Love,

Coach Kelly 

Results are in total loss of 9 pounds in September!

Oct 4-22 

I do believe in practicing the tools that you preach about! From my last blog you saw that I had discovered a new tool to use to help me catch my overeating! Listen when we think we have a habit of locking, then ole'shitty thoughts will show up.  We can build routines and get those things totally locked in. Then something happens in our lives that causes a thought, then leading to an emotion or feeling that our brain remembers that hey what helped before was to eat for comfort! or emotional eating trying to keep from feeling that way. 

I too have the same things happen. Because of this my brain decided to pull an old habit out of the filing cabinet of my brain and put it back to repeat! Now because I had not noticed it the result caused me to gain back  a few pounds. Now my mind went NUTS! I was thinking but I am planning my food, eating from a plan and so on. Let the self beat down commence.  But using the new worksheet and my pause plus permission I found what exactly was going on! This new process helped me

Read my post below for more details of how the process worked, or sign up for a mini session and I can explain this tip and others that can help you lose the weight you have been trying to lose for years! That is my mission to help women to feel good about themselves and have the weight loss they desire. Helping women figure out how to do it with consistency busting the perfectionism habits they set them up to fail.

Much Love, 

Coach Kelly 

Want a new tool for you weight loss? 

Sept 26-22 

I am always looking for new tools that help me increase my results in weight loss. I  want to share one with you. Recently I noticed a stall in my # on the scale. So I decided it was time to try something new. Looking at a worksheet I got from a recent class I was able to tweak it in a way that would help me the most. It was a worksheet that helped me figure out one of the basic weight loss tips I teach you. It helped me clarify if I was eating from hunger or just a plain old urge (craving) to eat. 

With using this worksheet and process I put into place, it helped me discover that I too was having some overeating! Just keeping me in a maintenance range on the scale. My goal was to drop my scale number down some.  Of course my brain, but you're already doing all the things, like planning my meals, drinking water, assessing what I ate and so on. 

With creating the new process of Pause plus Permission I was able to discover there were 9 different times I thought I wanted to eat. But doing the new process I was able to identify these were just urges that were caused by something that happened in my day, then I had a thought about it, then it created a feeling of overwhelm.  Now when my brain goes into overwhelm it looks back into the old filing cabinet for one of those not so useful HABITS (using food to comfort me)  that lead me into overeating and gaining weight. 

The first part of the new process was to take a PAUSE  check in with myself to see if it's hunger or just an urge. After discovering which it was I could move forward with the process.  The next step was if it was an urge I stopped and did quick questions with myself like- What was I thinking or doing that might have triggered this urge to eat?  Now  there are a few more questions I ask to help me get down to  the real reason for the eat. This will help my brain in future events to identify if it's another urge. Now where the permission comes in, well If I determine I am hungry, I eat something that I planned when I was looking out for my future self and her goals to lose weight.  This is a short version of how it works and would love to teach this process to you. I encourage you to email me if you want the full version of the new worksheet. 

Figuring out this key new tool has helped me lose over 4 pounds in a week. It helped me identify where I was still eating more than planned foods and where I was emotionally eating!  

Don't waste more time trying to figure out how to stop eating and figure out how to eat that makes you feel good, use your body in a way it was meant to be used, and lose weight in a way you can live the rest of your life eating the foods you love.

Much Love,  Coach Kelly 

Sometimes you just have to return to the simple things. 

Sept. 13-22

Yes, I have said it before, and I am going to say it again!

Hard things do get easier! I my old shitty brain always wants to refuse to believe it. But that is one of the small steps I take every day that proves to my brain that it does get easier!

How? well let's take planning my food. I hear so many times from my clients that it's so hard, I can't figure this out, BUT I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow and so on.

One small step that takes a task that seems hard is to just make it simple and easy.

1.) Go into the kitchen and look what foods I actually have on hand to use

2.) I can plan a breakfast that I want to eat, love to eat, eat a lot on a repeat basis

3.) Write it on my plan (doesn't have to be a fancy planner, can just write it in a


4.) Put it in my lunch box or stage in my fridge on my lunch shelf. this is my

   designated spot I place my meals for the day or next day for me to pack for lunch)

Boom four simple steps that helps me figure out what I am eating for breakfast tomorrow.

Now let's say I am going to be on the road tomorrow, how do I handle that? I have simple to-go options like pre packaged muffins and a fruit that I can plan and just go ahead and throw it in my lunch bag or place on my shelf if it's a refrigerated item.   Again- this is simple and easy. Proving to my brain that I don't have to make it a big deal that it wants to make it out to be.

Now I repeat this process for lunch and dinner. What is great about this, when I think ahead for dinner I can marinate, or lay meat on shelf to start the defrost for the next day. This helps me to show up with more intentional eating, showing up for my best self and the results pay off at the end of each week in my weight loss journey.

Want to learn more?  set up a mini session we can chat about how you can show your brain planning is not hard! Do you need a planner page? 

email me I will send you a simple, easy food planning page. 

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

Thought struggling? how we have the power to flip! 

September 8-22 

Want to figure out how to change those ole' shitty thoughts? Does it feel like a struggle to figure out how to flip them? 

What it really comes down to to replacing our old shitty thoughts is about identifying what thoughts you have been listening to and then owning the responsibility of changing them. 

These are just conscious choices WE CAN MAKE. 

I want to give you a simple one that I had today. For the last 7 days a few things have gotten in my way to getting my normal baseline goals completed. My brain went into a quick thought. "It's going to really be hard to get back to doing all the things to get that goal back on track"

 Yeah really encouraging right? 

Let me share three questions I used to change that thought.

Is this true? well it could be, it takes me so much time. 

Is it helpful to me to think this? that's a no

Is it kind to me? absolutely not, it creates the hard feeling that overall discourages me.

 Now I can see this thought is not serving me to move forward. So next I asked myself what can I think to move forward? Here is my chance to switch the thought! 

My new thought is "I can start simple just doing small level ups to get back to accomplishing my goals" Easy: I can make my food plan for the next four days- just baseline simple. That feels very doable for me. Then my brain created a small goal for the next 4 days that is so easy there is no excuse to me not to get it done! Win! getting movement feels much better than feeling stuck.

 Want to learn more about how you can switch a thought? sign up for a quick session so we can flip your current shitty thought that is holding you back today! 

Much Love, Coach Kelly

P.S. What are you waiting for?

Small changes can add up!

 August 27-22 

Have you ever heard your self say, "it won't make a difference" or "that won't be enough" . So  many times I have caught these thoughts just running lose in my head. The truth is those thoughts are just lies! This is a important key in weight loss. Let me just show you the numbers. If you was to make a 1 % change every day- in a month you would have increased good habits by 30% in one month. 

What does this look like?  Example of water. Now the basic of course is to get 64 oz. a day. You are currently drinking 33.8 (two bottles). to reach my goal in thirty days I would need to increase my intake of 1 oz. a day. that is so doable its looks to simple right?  

That may seem dumb that I broke it out like that, but sometimes our brains have to be shown the simple facts. I can drink a little more water each day to hit my goals. This works in all the ways when we are working on losing weight. Movement goals, planning our foods or maybe it's even journaling. 

When we put this to work on our plans, you can always ask yourself in what way can I make a 1% change to help me build small changes to help me build up good habits and help me lose weight? 

The main Key here is 1%. There is no right or wrong way to pick. Creating a healthy lifestyle of eating that helps me lose weight has no rights, wrongs or loads of rules. It's just making small changes, small level ups each day. Losing weight for the rest of your life means you are in it for the long haul, creating small 1% changes each day add up! Remember take 1% changes at a time. Ask each day what went right today and then decide where can I change the next day. 

Want to learn more on how you can level up your food plans?

 Much Love, Coach Kelly

Do you take time to just live in the moment? 

July 31-2022

I can't breathe! lol does my hair look ok? 

I wonder if you ever just take the time to live in the moment. I have noticed more and more in the last year I have done the thought work to help me move forward into my own self care and to just live in the moment- 

Self care is important in our lives and in our weightloss. I think it's important on how we model this for the world. For many years I worked overtime, extra hours, after hours and missed so much of my boys (men now) lives. I missed so many games, events and just home family time. Why? Because I thought I had to work, I should be doing extra.  In those times I was giving all of myself to other people and bosses that it really didn't matter. In those times I was also not taking care of myself. 

This last week was one of them. Part of my self care was knowing I needed to give myself a break, give myself time to just be with family and release pressure on what I thought I should be doing. In these times you create space so you can show up as a better version of yourself in days to come.

 You are showing up for you and your family . This is just a quick reminder self care can show up in many different ways, mine well just taking the moments to just laugh and love spending time with two of my men.  I am living in such a beautiful moment that now will be a memory for life. 

Would love to talk to you about how you're doing self care.

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

I have so much to do!

July 19- 2022

Have you ever said this? But I have so much to do! It is a very common thought we all have, even me. Sometimes people see me as I have my shit all put together. Well listen I too have the daily thoughts of "UGH I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!"  

When I let my brain just jump to this thought it causes me to have the feeling of dread, disappointment, urgency, and just all around negative feelings.  Which puts pressure on me and causes me to spin. 

Of course that a lot of times  thoughts like this just leads me to trying to just get them all done. I find myself squirelling into one project then jumping into another. You get the picture right? I don't get anything done because I am trying to do it all at once. I have no focus. Nothing becomes priority because they all feel like a priority. 

Well I learned a very important tool during my certification training that changed it all. Using the tools that they taught me I have been able to set the goals or intentions of the day, creating the structure and focus, then executing  tasks that have helped me get shit done! PERIOD!

Today I woke up with this exact sentence above and used the tools to knock out exciting new things I want to offer you. Keep your eyes peeled my friends I have tools I want to give you to help you get shit done!

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

Look at this between us sister we have lost 175 pounds! 

July 16- 2022 

This is what having a Coach can do for you. Why do I say this well when you are working one on one with a coach they can help you develop basic skills that help you move to the goals you want.  Call out the bullshit that is holding you back. Both Angie and I have had  weight loss coaches that have done that for us. Because the things I have learned have helped me live into the passion I have about helping other women find the keys just like us!!  What are you waiting for? I want to help you move forward and live your best life! Your life won't change if you keep doing the same things. Let's shake it up! Let's get results that will blow your damn mind! And BTW this place went has the best frozen Raspberry Pina Coladas! it located in Golconda Illinois. 

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

What do you see in the sign behind me? 

July 7-2022

Funny sometimes how we get reminders. If you notice the the sign in the picture DO IT DON'T QUIT.  

Today as I sat in my office working on a technical issue. I was sitting in a feeling that just was not quite comfortable- It was discouraged. I felt discouraged because of a project I was working on was whooping my butt per say. I was feeling discouraged because I could not figure it out! 

Listen up - sometimes it is ok to feel a feeling- we need to process those so we can move forward- During my processing I decided in this moment I would send Honey a pic. Then there it was the reminder for me to don't quit! DO IT.  

With this I looked at the feeling of discouragement and decided I want the opposite feeling. Which for me was encouraged to get it done- this was something I can do- I do not want to give up on it!  So seeing that reminded me I can create any feeling I want in my life. You can take any situation or feeling and decide how you want to feel about it. 

I think it's interesting how the universe reminds us we have things that seem like they are standing in the way of that goal- We can choose how we want to think and feel about it! And keep working on it not giving up! and keep moving forward.

Much Love, Coach Kelly 

The race is done now what? 

July 1-2022 

So the hype is over. Now what? well that was the question that was rolling in my mind recently thinking what's my next step. Sometimes we just sit and spin on these thoughts. The big killer of knowledge is when we say- "I don't know" 

This question can really take your power way and just flush it down the toilet.  I want you to understand even I have these thoughts. But I know now just how  un-useful they are!  

Today I made the decision to get back out and continue to work on keeping my fitness in check. Yes I done the race and now I want to keep my body at this level. So I had some decisions to make, simple right? oh heck no! 

My ole shitty brain kicked out another thought "You can't keep this up" like bam right in my face. Now this is a normal thought. but I want to show you how you have the power to change it.

N- I noticed my thought- You can't keep this up

N- Normalize the thought- It's ok to think this many women my age don't run 

N-Neutralize the thought- (just the facts) Keeping running in my fitness plan

N- Next Best thought- I can keep it simple like I did in my training- 2 short/1 long run per week. a         very doable goal 

Using this process made it super simple for my brain to see how this can be possible to keep doing the thing that helps me towards my fitness goals, and weight loss goals. Instead of giving my brain all the lets talk smack, I chose to look at the thought and get it in check with what my goals are. 

I hope this helps you understand that you can do anything- it just takes equal airtime and changing how you think about it. Looking forward to my next day outside doing the things I love.

Much love, Coach Kelly 


I Did it!

June 28- 2022 

I DID IT!!! I am a badass!!! This last weekend I attended my event I trained twelve weeks to do. I want you to know that I did not show up perfect in my training, Look let's be honest sometimes if we think if we can't do it perfect we just give up and quit. But learning how to Coach even myself, I know consistency is the key! Period. 

I chose the 2 Hour race! It was amazing to do this with so many wonderful women who showed love and support. We high fived we danced, walked, skipped and of course ran!

This is a day that I will always remember I want to share this picture with you because I chose to do something hard. I want to let you know you can to. It takes believing in yourself and that is one thing I want to teach other women to do for themselves. 

I chose to have a temporary tattoo for the day. It was arrow that I have in my office A symbol that means keep fucking going! The three dots represent my men who support me Eric Mitchuson, Austin Lee Mitchuson & Kyle Mitchuson. Then the fins represent the family I have lost. My mom, dad and my brothers Roger and David Birdsong. I miss them so much but every time I felt the breeze I knew it was them. Pushing me to KEEP FUCKING GOING.

I did it 9.17 miles!!!. This day is that moment in time, that I will always cherish. 

Much love, Coach Kelly